Sunday, December 13, 2009

"The Lord loves broken things"

Tonight I was able to go see Elder Holland speak. It was wonderful. I loved to watch him as the other speakers spoke-he looked at them with such love and compassion. When he got up and started to speak he set his scriptures in front of him. He talked about how much he loved all of us. He talked about the trying times we are in. He talked about how we all have refiners fire that we go through.
He gave us three pieces of hope and advice for the holiday season.
-God loves broken things. I love this-he said Broken rain nourishes the ground, broken ground grows wheat, broken wheat makes bread, broken bread nourishes us.
Before the savior atoned for our sins people were asked to sacrifice a burnt offering. After he fulfilled the law of Moses he then asked for our broken heart and contrite spirit.
-God fixes broken things.
This life is hard, we have to do hard things. We don't just give lip service any more (burnt offerings) instead it is a little closer to home, to say "This trial in my life is hard-but my broken heart is all I have to give." He said every heart ache can be fixed by our saviors love.
-In the middle of the storm hunker down-shut up and stay in the boat with the master at the helm.
After he said "Shut up" he did apologize and say that he probably shouldn't have said it. :) He went on to explain that when life gets hard, most people want to give up or pull out. When in all actuality we should be hunkering down and waiting for the storm to pass.

There was a sweet moment in his talk when he started to read Marks version of the storm. He pointed out that it said the Savior slept on a pillow. Elder Holland broke down and cried and said he was grateful that this tired savior was afforded the small comfort of a pillow. You really got an idea how much he loved the Savior. He also talked a little about how he wished the apostles would have let him sleep. And it was interesting to compare him a modern apostle to the apostles at the time of the Savior. He must have understood what those apostles went through.

I wondered if he has ever been in a time of tumultuous storm, when it looked as though he wouldn't survive and "woke" the savior later to receive a reproach from the Savior-Why are you afraid?
Again I was grateful to be taught.
I love the Lord

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Has any one else in the world ever realized that they don't have it all figured out?

I went to an Electricity Museum yesterday. They have come up with a way- with electrical impulses-to reduce the symptoms of Parkinsons. Wow!!

Will our planet every really look like Wall-E's world? Ever realize how much that actually sounds like Walyworld aka Wallmart? hmmm...

Why can't you grow a garden from seeds that come from fruit at the store? Why do we have genetically altered single generation fruit? Conspiracy?

Couponing-Can anyone else figure out how to buy $500 worth of stuff for 50 cents and get free money back-puzzling!

In Brazil they recently had several years of a recession. They tried everything from stimulus packages to welfare to "waiting it out". Then finally they brought in the top economic advisers in the world, to make suggestions. What did they suggest? Teach the people to save, and the economy will turn around. Is this what wise men including our prophets have been saying for years? Inspiring!

For as long as I can remember Women have been asked to get mammograms at age 40. Now, as we are moving into socialist Health Care, Government paid Health "advisers" are suggesting that mammograms are not needed until the age of fifty. Sad!

How do I end this blog on a happy note? I guess I sort of sound like a dooms day-er. I guess I was just mind dumping. In our last stake conference Elder Ward and Elder Packer(not of the quorum of the 12) came to visit us. Elder Packer taught us about receiving personal revelation. He told us to learn to be guided by the spirit, so that when something comes along, we will know what we should do, with out having to ask someone else. He told of the following example- He was a mission president in 2001. He was sent out in July. He was giving a Mission conference in September, when someone told him that he had better go and watch the news. He saw the second plane hit the tower. Then he went back into the conference and told the Elders to take off their badges and ties. To go purchase some food if they didn't have enough in their apartments, and wait at home until they received further notice. One Elder spoke up and said President-have you discussed this with Salt Lake? Meaning uhh-I came to be a missionary-that is what I am here to do-and if the Prophet tells me to take off my badge, I will-but...
Elder Packer then used this story to teach us. If this missionary was used to receiving personal revelation- he would have known by the spirit that this was the right thing to do. After I read Elder Scotts talk from the Ensign I read Sister Motssomoris talk. Again it was on revelation. In a world of uncertainty, knowing how to receive personal revelation-direction from the Lord will be our certainty.

Sister Matsumori spoke directly on this subject
This is the link to her talk

Here is an excerpt and one of my favorite parts.
A Sunbeam(3-4 year old class) teacher wrapped each of her class members one by one in a blanket to teach them how the Spirit feels like the comfort and security of that covering. A visiting mother also heard the lesson.

Many months later the mother thanked the teacher. She told how she had been less active when she accompanied her young daughter to Primary. Several weeks after the lesson, the mother suffered a miscarriage. She was overcome with grief when suddenly she felt a great warmth and peace. It felt like someone had covered her with a warm blanket. She recognized the reassurance of the Spirit and knew that Heavenly Father was aware of her and that He loved her.

I know the Lord sent us here to Earth for a reason. He loves us, and he didn't leave us to figure out our purpose on our own. He gave us the spirit, prayer, scriptures...If we have nothing else we can still be taught which direction to go and comforted in our time of need. I know this is true. I encourage you all to seek to be able to recognize the spirit and its promptings. By doing so, you will come closer to Christ.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Re-reading the conference talks

I got out my conference Ensign today and began reading. I only got through the first talk and half of the second. I couldn't help but thinking of the excitement and tears flowing when people from those areas heard they would have a temple close to them. 83% of the members of the church are within 200 miles of a temple. Wow!! We are so blessed to live in this time, when we can have temples among us. Now, if we could only use them as much as the Lord has intended for us to.
The second talk is from Elder Richard G. Scott. Rereading it this time, I know that these words are meant for me. So here is a little quote...
Throughout the ages, many have obtained guidance helpful to resolve challenges in their lives by following the example of respected individuals who resolved similar problems. Today, world conditions change so rapidly that such a course of action is often not available to us.

Personally, I rejoice in that reality because it creates a condition where we, of necessity, are more dependent upon the Spirit to guide us through the vicissitudes of life. Therefore, we are led to seek personal inspiration in life’s important decisions.

I kept Highlighting more and more, and realized I want you to read it all :) So hear is the link

Isn't that powerful. I have moved away from family and friends, to Minnesota. I don't know anyone well enough to seek them out for emulation. I love that he is telling me, that this way is better any way. I can seek the promptings from the spirit to figure out how to be a better mom-wife-person. To figure out how to parent a child or teach a child or love a child.

I really hope you read this talk. Beautiful!
I finished it by the way-and still incredible teachings for our time.

By the way I hope you are all remembering to pray for all the world to be open to receiving the gospel of Jesus Christ. Miracles can occur as we do so.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Twila Adamson

I am excited to write this post about my Grandma Twila. Her birthday was October 14th 1931, and her wedding anniversary is this month- Halloween day. As well as passing away October 27 2003. Because of this, I cannot help but have her in my mind and heart.
I grew up living just a fence away from my beloved grandma. One of my earliest memories of Grandma is when I was running over to her house for a visit. I went bare foot, and I stepped on a bee on the way over. It was my first time getting a bee sting. Grandma lovingly put me on her couch, and put a baking soda paste on my sting. Then she pulled the stinger out.
I remember another time I stayed at Grandmas house. I had a bad dream, and couldn't go back to sleep. Grandma woke up and came in to check on me. I told her I had had a bad dream. She said, "You know what?" "I just got a movie, that I have been wanting to watch, do you want to watch it with me?" of course I wanted to, so we got up at 3AM, to watch Mrs. Arris goes to Paris. We often played late night games of checkers, Chinese checkers, and card games. She would also talk late into the night about her mom and dad and sisters.
Grandma was asked to teach early morning seminary my Junior year. I was always so amazed and surprised how nervous it made her. She studied every spare moment to prepare the lessons. She loved each of her students. She would often ask me if I had any ideas of how to get through to one student or another. I heard her pray for each student individually. I also knew that she changed her teaching style, to try and reach the students she was "loosing". Just a couple years ago I had the opportunity to do one of my friends hair for her wedding. When I was doing it, she said-"You know your Grandma said she would be at my wedding...and I know she will be there today." I didn't know that the other seminary students loved her as much as she loved them-but I don't know why I am surprised-she is wonderful!
When I was growing up, I can remember that Grandma was the Relief Society President for a while. I remember that meaning quite a few funerals. She was always making a cake or a dinner for someone. She always had to run to the church to set up or take down from a funeral. I can often remember her saying..."I always cry when I am mad, sad, glad." She wore her heart on her sleeve and we all loved her for it. I think this may have been when she perfected her dinner roll recipe- and they were perfect!
Grandma had a really long telephone cord. She was often talking to someone on the phone. She loved to talk to her daughters. I can still remember how she answered the phone-with sort of a country girl accent..."Hallow". What a happy sound that was.
I spent a lot of time with Grandma, and that meant cleaning her house often. I remember one time I was cleaning her bathrooms. I was trying to hurry so she would say what a fast cleaner I was. When I got done, she took me into the bathroom and showed me the streaks. I especially remember how dirty the faucets still looked. She said, "Erika, if your going to do a job, you might as well do it right the first time." I told her I was trying to do it fast, so she would be proud of me. She said she would be proud of me if I took my time and did it right. After that I always tried to pay careful attention to the details and do everything I did the right way the first time.
When it came to cooking, Grandma taught me much. She taught me how to make bread, candy, salads, applesauce, jam, and jelly. She taught me how to garden. I remember picking strawberries, raspberries, and apples with her. I loved to be in her company, no matter what we were doing. The only thing I didn't really like was when I had to vacuum, because I couldn't talk to her when I was vacuuming.
Grandma had a "Crystal" brush. I smile to think back on it now, realizing that it was only clear plastic, but then I thought it was crystal. We would love to brush Grandma's hair. She was so funny, she would start to fall asleep as soon as we started brushing. She would say-"Oh, don't stop, that feels so good!" So we would brush for as long as she would hold still.
I could go on forever about all of my memories with this wonderful woman. Maybe I will just stop after 3. Grandma loved to swim. During the summer, she would often have to go to pick up parts in Twin for the shop. She took me with her quite a bit. We would always stop at the pool in Shoshone for a quick swim so she could get in her exercise for weight watchers. Then we would go to the snack bar for a shake and some tots. Oh how I loved this cheerful lady.
Grandma started decorating for Christmas right after Halloween. Out comes the tree, up with the decorations, the lights, the nativity, the clock, toys, circus, village, train, music, outdoor lights, snow men, signs, outdoor nativity, and decorations for the shop. Grandma and Grandpa would joke that they saved all there money to pay the electric bill during the Christmas season. I still remember listening to Bing Crosby singing "Silver Bells", while setting up the little carousel. Grandma passed away just before Halloween, and we decorated her house for Christmas that year. Some things that Grandpa would tease her about being a little over the top-The toys and especially the Christmas clock that would chime a carol every hour- are still up and lovingly cared for now, as a constant reminder of this special woman.
The last memory I want to share of Grandma, is a dear one. I remember one time, when one of our relatives was getting married. We were having a shower for her, and Grandma took us in to the boys bedroom to show us a night gown that she had bought for her. It was pretty with pink lace. It must have been kind of a sexy little night gown, because after everyone walked out of the room, Grandma took me aside, and said, "Erika, I never want to buy a nightgown like this for you." "I want you to get married in the temple. I want more for you than this, OK?" I said OK.
My only wish on most days, is to be able to call Grandma and ask her advice for one reason or another. If I am ever having an especially rough day, I wonder to myself what Grandma must be thinking of me and I try to buck up and do a little better. I can not smell fresh baked bread, hear a smoke alarm, or eat homemade fudge with out remembering one of my favorite elect ladies.
Thanks for taking so much time out for me Grandma- Tenho saudades de voce

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Julie Beck

My Sweet Family!

I had the wonderful privilege of seeing Julie Beck speak, last weekend. She was wonderful. I wasn't sure what to expect, though I love her, I thought she might be a bit set apart or distanced. She was so sweet and kind. Many women lined up to give her hugs and kisses or just hold her hand and tell her what she meant to them. She was standing with in my grasp for a few minutes. So, I got to watch her, watch her eyes. She loved them. I felt a little like Matter..."I knew I made a good choice...For my best friend" :) I love Sister Beck, and after I got to see her in person I could say "I knowed I made a good choice".
For those of you who don't know, Julie Beck is the president of the Relief Society, The largest woman's organization in the world. The Relief society is dedicated to helping others and self improvement. It happened that I sat right behind her assistant. I was just that lucky or blessed. This meeting (fireside) was a question and answer session. In the beginning Sister Beck bore her testimony that women are the female half of our Heavenly Fathers plan of happiness. She spoke beautifully of our role as women. Then she opened the discussion up for questions. Imagine if you will, the seen. Every seat in the entire building is occupied. Every Mormon women, and 1 women(she happened to be sitting behind me) who was not Mormon in all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the southern part of Ontario Canada were there. I didn't even now there were that many Mormons in this area. You got a real feeling of sisterhood and companionship looking out among the crowd.
The first women stands to ask the question, some one hands her a mic. She says, "you have eluded to the fact that we are the female half of Gods plan, how do you propose that we work with the other half." Then the woman sits down as the audience giggles a little. Sister Beck said,"your giggling?" She was pretty stern at this point. She talked about how in order for society to raise the value of a woman, the had lowered the value of a man. She said that was not the Lords way. She said that to work with our brothers, we should know them, understand them and love them- then working with them should be easy. She said she didn't really understand how hard it was on men to provide for their families, until her son grew up and got married. When she watched him struggle to provide, she knew the pressure that he faced, and she gained a greater appreciation for men and their role. She referred to The Family (a proclamation to the world).
The next question was from a young mother-"how do we teach our children to love each other". We all laughed, and Sister Beck giggled a little as well. She told a story from when she was growing up. She said she was raised in a family with 10 siblings. All were dominant personalities. Every family night, they would sing the hymn, Love at Home. When she was a teenager, she said "Dad, there are lots of nice Hymns in the Hymn book, can't we please sing a different hymn." He said, "When you have learned lesson 1, we will move on to lesson two." She talked about how from the beginning there has been sibling rivalry with Cain and Abel-we also have examples in the book of Mormon, with Lamen Lemuel Nephi and Sam. She said that the family was designed to teach social skills, to learn how to love any way, patience, forgiveness and compassion. Again she referred to the proclamation.
Someone then stood and said, "There are women in our ward who no longer actively attend church. When we speak to them, they tell us they are not coming, because they are burnt out. They don't want to help anymore, they are tired, and there for they are afraid to come back, because they don't want to be put to work." "How can we get them to come back, and not share the work load, when we already feel like it would have been easier to be a nun?" Sister Beck said, The gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. What ever your percieved work load is, it is self inflicted. He(the Savior) requires very little. Then she told us how she outlines her day. She gets a paper with 3 columns. In the first column head it with things you must do. Only ever put 2-5 things on this list. Musts should include scripture study and prayer. Some days temple attendence might be a must. The second column header is need to do. This list includes things like...if you have children, feed them; if you have a home, clean it; if you have a job, go to work. The third column is the "nice to do' column. Things that would be nice to do, if you get the time...she said read a book on her back porch was on her list. As far as the women who were not coming to church-which I believe she actually addressed first, she said...Love Them! hmm... how profound :) She then refered to Elder Bednars talk on finding the one. She told them to remind the sisters of the miracles that they had seen in there own lives when they served the Lord, also to ask them about their testimonies.
Someone else asked about forgiveness. She quoted some scriptures and then she kind of ended that question by saying..."Just be more like Jesus and you should be OK" :)
One women said, "I know many wome struggle with guilt. I am of the impression that there is a good kind of guilt and a bad kind of guilt, could you ilude to the kind of guilt we should and shouldn't listen to." Sister Beck at this point got pretty teary, then she said, Because you are a Daughter of God, he would never tear you down. Any voice that tells you you are not enough - is from Satan. The voice that says - You can do better, and I will help you - is from the Savior.
The next 2 questions were the last 2 questions, so she took them both before answering. 1st question-What can we say to bring comfort to women who have families struggling with sames sex attractions? and the 2nd Question-What can we do to help women who are married to men who do not share their faith? Sister Beck commented that the answer was actually the same for both of these questions. She said whether your trial is cancer, financial struggles, naughty children, same sex attraction, a lack of unity in marriage, a single member family, a widower, or divorced with children, the answer is still the same. She then referred to the proclamation again. She quoted one of my favorite parts, so I will quote it in here as well. "Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of Faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities." No matter what your circumstance is, the gospel and its truthfulness remains the same.
She started to close, then she said, "I feel led to tell you one more thing." She refered to her father-in-law a steal-mill worker. She said he was one of the hardest working man that she knew. He worked shifts. He would work a different shift every day. Either the swing, the morning, or the night shift. She was always in aw at his abilities. She wondered how he did it. Then one day, she realized, he only worked one shift a day. She then went on to say, that Heavenly Father did not mean for women to work all 3 shifts. She said choose your shift, and for that 8 hours do your very best work. For her, it was the swing shift. When every one was tired and hungry she needed to be at her prime. If she was tired and hungry then, she was no good to them and not fulfilling her roll.She started to close again. She then looked right at me for a long moment. She said Heavenly Father loves each of you. Then she looked else where. She closed and we sang. and the night was over to quickly. It was a wonderful meeting. I am so glad I got to go. Now, this week is already General Relief Society meeting on Saturday night. And Next week is General Conference. I do hope you all get to join me in listening to the words of our beloved leaders and their inspired words. Heavenly Father loves each of you!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Eight years later. We remember all of those affected by September 11th, those who died, and those who live.
I don't know why the link won't work, so you can copy and paste it in a new tab.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New idea

I have an idea for my blog. There have been many women that have influenced me in my life. So, if you cant tell I changed the name of my blog. Now I will be featuring one of my favorite women each week. I don't intend on running out of women, I have been blessed to know many!
I will still have some personal anechdotes and things I have learned from time to time, but I hope to have much more testimony bearing so stay tuned...

Friday, August 28, 2009

A great opportunity to teach!

Today Heavenly Father gave me a perfect teaching opportunity for Gabriel. A lesson I remember learning when I was about his age. We were at the store today, and Gabriel asked me for a "yummy candy bar". I told him no. When we got home Gabriel pulled the same candy bar from his pocket and licked his lips. When I saw the candybar, I instantly felt grateful for this opportunity to teach him while he was still young, the importance of not stealing. We talked about it, until he felt more sorry for taking the candy bar, than he did about not eating it. Then when Tom got home I took Gabriel, the candy bar, and his money to the store. Gabriel gave the candybar back and he gave them all of his pennys, that he has been working for. Then he told them he was really sorry. They told him that people who steal go to jail. Then they told him because he brought it back and did his best to pay for it, that it would be OK this time. Gabe went out to the car and said- Whew Mom, I am glad you didn't have to go to jail, and I didn't have to go to jail. I said Me too! Then he said, Mom I never want to steal again! But, I do want a candy bar! I thought, Me Too!
Then we got in the car and drove home. We got to talk about the spirit. How Gabe felt a little sick in his stomach when he took it and how he felt nervous to eat it. When we got home I told him about what happened when I was a little girl.
When I was a little girl I was at Adamsons with my family. I wanted gumballs-Rainblo if I remember right. I knew if I asked my mom for them, she would say no. So I just put them in my pocket. Then when I got home I ate some of them. My mom of course noticed that I had gum, that she had not given me. I remember that I had a pack of raisins and the money from my piggy bank. We took them to the store. Grandma worked at Adamsons. I had to tell Grandma Twilla that I had stolen the candy, I gave her the raisins and my money. Mom and Grandma both told me it was better to be honest. I never stole again. It is funny how similar my story is to Gabe's. He is so much like me, that I am never suprised at most things that he does. I sure love him!! I am glad I get to carry on my Mom and Grandmas wisdom. I love being the mom...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Journals, Grandparents, and Bounty!!

So, I was going through a box from Hyrums closet today. Books. And, one was my journal from High school. I have four Journals from before we were married and 3 and a blog from after. My life from the Gulf War on is documented. This particular Journal was full of my life when I was a Senior in High School. This was a life changing year for me. This was the year I had my first boyfriend, first challenge of my testimony, first time to live away from home. I loved my Senior year. I realize that that year was a real starting off point for the way that I have lived for the following 9 years. Wow! what a pivotal year. I am so grateful for the Lords guidance in my life.
Grandparents. My parents-my kids grandparents have taught me so much. Similar to Nephi, I have been born of goodly parents. They taught me how to understand right from wrong and then they let me make my own decisions. This let me succeed and fail when the stakes were low enough that the rebound was small. I relied on my Dads calm steady pace. His Wisdom and his quiet. I loved to go home teaching with him, to work in the yard with him, and I hated to go fishing with him :) because I had to be quiet. And I loved to talk with him, so fishing was not my favorite. I remember when my Dad to Levi and I hiking one time. We learned about wild spearmint, eating the baby bright green shoots on an evergreen, not drinking from a stream in the middle of the mountain, how to make a shelter from pine bows in the rain, and how beautiful and quiet a mountain lake can be. I seem to remember every turn of that hike. I sure would love to do that again!
My Mom is so different from my Dad, but yet so similar. If I were to wax philosophical I would say my parents are like a river. My Dad the slow swelling river rolling quietly around the bend and my Mom rushing, bubbly, and sometimes as exciting and thrilling as a white water ride. They are the same...but different. I really enjoyed talking to my Mom to. These conversations usually happened on a trip to Twin. When the Radio was turned up a conversation would usually comfortably begin. I could often get a lot of things sorted out in my mind by talking them through with my Mom.
I remember that my Mom would always tell us...If we ever needed an excuse to leave someones house we could always say our parents wanted us home. One time I wasn't strong enough to use that excuse on my own, so I called my Mom to ask permission to stay at a friends house. She almost always let me stay. Rarely would she say no, in fact this may have been the first time. I was praying so hard that she would say no, and I can remember her clearly saying... No, not tonight, I think you better come home tonight. I acted put out, but I was really so grateful.
So, recently as I have prayed for my parents I have thought about how grateful I am for them and all they have taught me. I just had to get it in writing so that I could remember it forever. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Now, onto the bounty. I must have moved to the Garden of Eden. I have Corn, strawberries, Strawberry Jam, Raspberries, Raspberry Jam, and Zucchinis put up for the winter. In the Garden waiting to be harvested I have more zucchini, lettuce, peppers, rhubarb, green beans, eggplant, tomatoes, chives, cilantro, mint, oregano more raspberries, and apples on the trees. Most of this was free to me, due to the generosity of my neighbors. Now I just need to buy a freezer to store my bounty for the winter. But this summer we are eating like kings...or maybe pioneers either way it is yummy!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

How do I keep up?

The Lady who used to own our house still lives close and drops by every once in a while. She caught me home for the first time last week. She also caught me in the middle of life. We had morning dishes in the sink, lunch dishes on the table. Clothes and toys strewn on the floor. And laundry in the hall waiting to be carried to the basement. Outside the Lawn had not been mowed in 2 weeks and the garden had yet to be weeded-at all. Hyrum was running around in a diaper, Gabe was in his underwear, and Seth was in a bad mood. I had spit up on my shirt and pants- hair up in a sweaty pony tail and no makeup.
In contrast...This woman had 10 kids. She was house cleaner by proffesion and all the neighbors talk about how she would scrub the garage floor every 3 days. She had a garden full of flowers that she kept, so she could take a vase to anyone in need. She scrubbed the rafters in the basement every night and she said she was always right behind her kids if there was ever a mess. She brought toys, cookies, and a vase of flowers for me. She also had a dog bone in the car for our neighbor across the street and a banana bread for my next door neighbor. Granted this women is 80 with no children at home, but she wasn't always. So, is there something I am missing. How do I keep up? How do I keep the house clean and be the Mom I want to be? That day that she came we had gotten up early, I had gone for my run, when I got home we read scriptures, then we all rushed through breakfast and went to the zoo. When we got home from the Zoo, the boys were exhausted and I was exshausted. I was giving them some scrambled eggs for lunch and clearing the table of breakfast. We have no airconditioning so the boys were stripping to try and cool off. After I made their lunch I sat down to blog my run. That is when she showed up. I felt so embarassed at the condition I had let "her" house get in. I just can't figure out how she did it. Maybe I spend to much time blogging? This week several times I have thought about calling a lady in our ward and asking if I could come and observe her. I just am not sure how to become that super mom I am sure our Mother in Heaven is. Any Ideas?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love this talk!!

Do you want a great motivator to clean the house? Read an inspirational book or poem? Enjoy the Beauty of the Earth? Spend real quality time with your beautiful children?

Read this wonderful talk.
I am so inspired. And I have been all week, OK I know its only Wednesday :) And while your at it, google Ralph Waldo Emerson and read a few of his poems. I am not exaggerating when I say that his words are a spiritual feast.
Here is a little taste of Emerson...
The Rhodora

On Being Asked Whence Is the Flower

IN May, when sea-winds pierced our solitudes,
I found the fresh Rhodora in the woods,
Spreading its leafless blooms in a damp nook,
To please the desert and the sluggish brook.
The purple petals, fallen in the pool,
Made the black water with their beauty gay;
Here might the red-bird come his plumes to cool,
And court the flower that cheapens his array.
Rhodora! if the sages ask thee why
This charm is wasted on the earth and sky,
Tell them, dear, that if eyes were made for seeing,
Then Beauty is its own excuse for being:
Why thou wert there, O rival of the rose!
I never thought to ask, I never knew:
But, in my simple ignorance, suppose
The self-same Power that brought me there brought you.

I know that Heavenly Father loves us, that he made us, and that he made us for our own specific purpose. I love this life. I am grateful for the experiences I have. And I am so grateful for the beauty that surrounds us. I hope to some day be able to express the feelings I feel like Emerson. Until then, my simple testimony will have to do.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mormon Woman- So Check it out!!

OK, my sister-in-law just emailed me this...
Dear friends and family and even my awesome acquaintances--

As many of you are well aware, there are a lot of myths, rumors and lies about the LDS religion on the Internet --practically everywhere, if we think about it --and top Google search terms result in anti-mormon websites and misleading images. In fact, here's what Elder Ballard said about it:
The emergence of New Media is facilitating a world-wide conversation on almost every subject including religion, and nearly everyone can participate. ...
Conversations will continue whether or not we choose to participate in them. But we cannot stand on the sidelines while others, including our critics, attempt to define what the Church teaches. ...("Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet," Ensign, Jul. 2008, 58–63).

Personally, I would like the chance to participate and see the correct information being found.
Maybe you do, too?

For over a year, I have been following a website called Mormon Women. Last month, I was asked to be an administrator of the site (completely voluntary), and I was so excited to help! Mormon Women, which is sponsored by the More Good Foundation, is one of many other websites dedicated to flooding the Internet with positive and correct information. [Although they are not official websites of the Church, they strive to be in alignment with all doctrinal teachings and policies put out by the Church.] Because of sites like this, many people have found the truth online, rather than misinformation. I encourage you to visit today, but I want you to do more than visit the site. Much more!

We need women to help --to see this as a missionary effort, and to help us get information out there about real live Mormon women --women who do not feel ashamed in their faith, but rather live it the best they can each day.

Will you please help me gather material for this site?

This is what we need:

· Comments. Come and comment! Share your faith and beliefs in brief and effective ways on easy topics like tithing, Relief Society, etc.
· Pictures. We need to replace the misleading google images pictures with pictures of me, you and your mom. We want all ages, nationalities and marital statuses represented. We are Mormon Women! We work, we play, we serve and we can do all these things with the love of the Lord in our hearts. And we do it differently! Some of us bike, others of us are into photography, some are vegetarians, some are musicians, many of us are writers...we need to show this!
· Portraits. We need you to submit articles on Women who inspire you and include with it a picture of that woman. So easy! Do you love your RS president? Was your Young Women’s President inspirational? Is your mom the best? Tell us in 1000 words or less, and include a picture.
· Essays, articles, artwork, poetry etc. Are you creating something that is inspired by the scriptures or the Spirit? Share it with us!
· Video. Do you have video from a ward activity, service project or Enrichment night that quickly bears testimony of who we are and the typical things we do? Send it our way.

Remember, though, that this site is for nonmember and investigator use and hopefully will be a powerful missionary tool. This site is not for social networking among members. This is not the place to discuss your misgivings about your local leaders or highlight other doctrinal issues that should be solved by personal prayer and study. We are trying to reflect an articulate, united front of love, intelligence and testimony!

Maybe you remember Sister Beck quoting President Hinckley in a recent General Relief Society Meeting:
If [the women of the Church] will be united and speak with one voice, their strength will be incalculable. . . . It is so tremendously important that the women of the Church stand strong and immovable for that which is correct and proper under the plan of the Lord.
(Quoted in Julie B. Beck, “What Latter-day Saint Women Do Best: Stand Strong and Immovable,”)

To me, this is a way for us to speak with one voice!

Here is the contact information for your convenience:
You can reach me and other administrators for questions and/or to place submissions at
You can comment at the site at
You can join us on Facebook! Go here to join our group.
You can learn more about the More Good Foundation at

And then, if you would like, tell other Mormon Women! I'm working on an email that can be sent out --which is easy to forward, less long-winded on my part, etc.-- to all of your friends and family as well. I will send it within a day or two...

Thank you so much for your time!
With Love,

P.S. If you are a man and you received this, could you pass it onto your wife, sisters, mothers, etc.? That was my intent if you were included in this email (and probably because I didn't have their email addresses!). :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something I am proud of

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things that I have learned

I have learned...
...I cannot bare anothers trials, I am grateful for my own trials, and after visiting my dear family for the last few weeks, I can say for sure I would not want their trials. So, in the scriptures, when it says bear one anothers burdens-how can we do this? What does the Lord mean? I am not sure if I have this right, but I know that most of my burdens could not be born by another. Most of my trials can only be eased with understanding or by serving others.
...My boys are good! After spending 8 days of traveling with them, I have come to realize how funny, intelegent, sweet, and caring they are. They are a few of my best friends!
...We live in a beautiful and very diverse country. There are mountains, valleys, flat lands, platues; There are trees, grassy praries, red rock canyons; There are blue skys, brillant sunsets, breathtaking sunrises, deep grey rain clouds. We are so blessed by the beauty that surrounds us. I love the sage brush, and the color of the yellow grass against the lava rocks, mingled with the blue and yellow wild flowers. I love the color of purplish green on the mountain behind my parents house- with a vibrant see of green growing in between. I love hiking up mountains in Montana and gazing across hills and valleys in Moscow. I love the ominous waterfalls in Twin Falls set with a background of the new temple. I love the new Rexburg Temple, that you can see for miles away set as an ensign to all who come within its shadow. I love the feel of the sand, and the convenience of the ocean to wash it a way. I love to here the sound of the ocean as it tickles the shore. We live in a vast play ground. How blessed we are!
...Marriage is wonderful! Being away from Tom for three weeks helped me to remember that. At the end of an exhausting day when all I wanted was to relax in his arms, there was no arms. Kisses are rejuvinating! Talking on the phone is never the same. I am almost sure I would never survive as a single mom. And I am positive I would go inactive!! Church was impossible with 4 active little boys. Some stood on benches some were dropped on the floor, some through toys. Heavenly Father knows if he ever took Tom away, he would loose the whole family :)
...There is a time and a season. I am in a terrific season of my life. However it is not the time of peace and quiet or nice things enjoying sacrament meeting long quiet strolls beautiful delicous meals that everyone compliments you on organic food manicured lawns clean cars or a feeling that all is accomplished. I think if I were to choose I would call that a summer season. This may be my spring season. The season of endless running, endless hugs, endless teaching, endless laundry, endless dishes, naptimes, bedtimes, sunburns, first words, first steps, no quiet, fingerprints on the walls, fingerprints on the windows, finger prints everywhere. I hate you and I love you in the same sentence. Giggles fights laughs knock knock jokes that make no sense! Learning, growing changing. Finding strength in the Savior. Finding Strength in prayer. Finding Strength in the scriptures. Yes this is my Spring season and even though I am bound to get a little dirt under my fingernails I would not change it for the world and I know I will be sad when it is over.
...Vacations don't last for ever, nor should they. I am glad to be home. I love my home and my little quiet family and our slow life.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am so blessed!

I have no anecdotes or thought provoking things to say. I just wanted to make a record of how happy I am at this moment in my life, so I can always remember it.
I guess I should maybe start with my take on why I am so happy.
First, During our General Conference-A gathering of members of the church world wide to hear the words of our Modern Day prophet, I had the strong impression that increasing my temple attendance would increase my capacity. I knew that this was the Lords promise to me that if I attended the temple I would become the person I wanted to be. Keep in mind that prior to this prompting, I was falling short, wondering where most people got the time to do all that was required for survival. I decided to listen to this prompting, and take Heavenly Father at his word.
Since then I have attended the temple weekly. I am not sure that my "trials" have lessened, but I think my understanding of them has increased. I have gained more patience with my children. A greater desire for love and quiet in our home. And an increased capacity to help my husband be happy and become a better protector and provider and presider of our home and family.
Second, the sun is shining! Because the sun is shining we have been outside everyday. We have worked in the garden, mowed the lawn, visited the nature center, rode our bikes, played football, had hot dog roasts, walked around just to see all the green and growing things in our yard, and smelled and smelled and smelled. I had no idea how depressed I get in the winter, except to compare it to how happy I am now. My boys are so happy to be outside, running around in the swimming trunks and running through sprinklers. I love spring!!
Third, I have been exercising. I started training for a marathon. I started with a small goal of a 5K. I ran that with my sister in April. Then we set a goal for a 10K in June, so I am now training for that. I feel so good knowing that I am doing what I set out to do. I also think I have more energy-though this could have come from either of the previous two changes, as well.
These are 3 changes in my life that have had some pretty major side effects. The side effects are what I enjoy the most.
I enjoy-love-love-love my smiling happy baby!
I love Gabriel and Hyrum and their sweet little imaginations. We painted flowers a garden a snail some birds and butterfly's all over a basement wall yesterday. We also did lots of laundry, the boys spent the morning jumping on the laundry pile from the basement steps, and the afternoon playing in the dryer-using it as a spaceship to blast off to the moon-all the while calling me commander.
Seth is learning so much! I am so proud of him. He is starting to be concerned with his own hygiene. Telling me when he needs fingernails clipped. He also gets himself ready in the mornings and gets his own breakfast usually.
My husband smiles and looks at me so lovingly! When Shawn-my brother in law- was married last month, he was looking at his wife with such loving eyes-It was a look so familiar to me, because that is how Tom looks at me. He has such a wonderful way of showing his love and I am so grateful for him!
I know this is a little fickle, but I love my house! And the harder I work on it, the more I love it! I love my little gardens, my huge trees, my lawn, how nice everything looks when we put everything in its proper place. The green wall in the living room and the beautiful white curtains. The piano and wonderful pictures. My orange kitchen, and how nice the floor looks after a good scrubbing. I love the large cool basement. Having a place for the laundry. I love the boys rooms with fresh bedding and a vacuumed floor. I love our spacious garage and the large drive way-perfect for beginner bike riders. I love my neighbors-their kindness and expertise! I love the lilac bushes and their wonderful smells.
I love Church on Sunday. A chance to hear others testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love to pay tithing and know that because I do the Lord will bless me. I love to see all the babies and children and parents trying their best to teach and train their children, so they can be the wonderful people we all hope are kids turn out to be. I love to see the Grandmas, with wisdom in their eyes console, council, and giggle, as the younger generations struggles to attain what they already have.
I love Minnesota! I love the green. I love all of the water. I love the trees, the rolling hills. And I am in such a great mood that I can even find it within myself to love the ants :)
I am happy! I feel true Joy. This is Life!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I just got home from Idaho. We had a terrific time. When I got home, I noticed our mailbox was bulging. So, we went and dug out the mail. Between Tom and I we opened over 13 thousand dollars worth of medical bills. I am not sure if I am just really tired from arriving at 2:30 this morning or if this is really overwhelming. I will know tommorow!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enoch-or Nichy Poo

so it has been forever since I mentioned Enoch. He is such a joy, that I am afraid he gets forgotten. I love this baby! He is so good. He smiles and giggles. I have had no problem nursing him. He is so patient! He lets us know if he needs a diaper changing or if he gets tired. I can lay him down anywhere, though he prefers my new memory foam mattress. When I lay him down I hear a couple of grunts and then nothing. He goes to sleep and sleeps till he is hungry. When he wakes up it is usually coos that we hear sometimes grunts and if we don't come then it turns into something that really sounds like Mo-ahhhm. As soon as we come in to get him he stops yelling and starts smiling.
I took him to the doctor a few weeks ago and he weighed just under a whopping 15 lbs. He has grown to 25 inches. He fills out his 9 month clothes. I have had to put all of his little baby stuff away. The last 2 weeks we have gone outside everyday to work in the yard. I just put Enoch in his car seat, and then I attach a dog leash to it. Then I hook him to the nearest tree branch and swing him as I rake. He loves it! He is content to be outside and hear us all playing and working. Enoch also loves the bath. He kicks and giggles, splashes, and smiles. He is such a joy! All of the boys love him. I wish I could keep him at this age forever! or maybe just skip age 2 and 3. I don't want to stop his progression, I just don't want to meet the monster that will come all to soon. I would upload some pictures, but alas, the camera was destroyed by one of my little monsters. We had a doctor who laughed at us once when we were telling stories of Seth. He said don't you know toddlers are bi-polar. I thought that was a pretty good description. For you new moms, no worries-I know you can think of wonderful times with your toddlers and maybe some scary times too. However this time will pass all to soon. I miss cuddling with Seth and the funny things he used to say. But, I also love that he is now reasonable. He will sit quietly through church. He stays right by me at the grocery store. He helps. He does all the jobs on his job chart with out being asked. His primary teacher even told me what a good job I was doing with him. So there is hope that my little monsters will turn into future missionaries too. Ope gotta run someone just flipped the breaker...darling little monsters :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Does anyone have experiences with their BMI (Body Mass Index) numbers? A true confession- I guess this isn't something women normally share, however I am OK with how I look now, so I don't mind sharing. My BMI indicates that I am morbidly obese at present. It also shows that I have been obese since elementary school- rising right up through the BMI scale all through High School and marriage. Even with all of the high school sports. I was a volleyball, basketball player and distance runner/shotputter. I wore a size 14 womens begining in 8th grade and although I have gained 60 lbs since 8th grade, I have gone from a 14 womens to a 16-18. What does all this mean? I don't know. Whenever they check my blood pressure it is 100/60 on average. Good Cholesterol. No other weight related problems, etc. What should I make of all these numbers and statistics?
Holy Cow! I have got to get to bed. I guess I will just leave this how it is. Let me know what you all think.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Today I saw eating disorders in the making. I was at Burger king, watching the boys play. I over heard 2 women talking. One of the friends had three children, an 8 year old girl, a 5 year old boy and a baby. The other friend, from what I could tell, was a Grandmother with her two grandchildren a 5 year old boy and a 6 month old baby girl. The one friend commented on how chubby the baby girl was. The other agreed and said the doctor had limited this babies in take to 4-8 oz bottles a day and no food. Then this grandmother said that this little babies fat was getting beyond cute fat- it was starting to become embarrassing Fat. All the while her friend was agreeing! Then this little girl, the 8 year old, had enough guts to call the grandma out. She said, that's rude you shouldn't call a baby fat. The grandma said, well she can't understand me, on the other hand I wouldn't call you your face. And then both women cackled. Later they went on to talk about their diets- loosing 20 lbs, and not being able to finish their salads.
My take...
-This little baby was adorable! not even too fat. I have seen some fat babies, and this was just a normal baby with cute chubby cheeks. And yet even the really fat babies have turned out to be completely normal children and adults.
-Did the doctor really limit this babies eating? If so, shame on him and the mother for letting him. Do your homework! It is good for babies to be chubby. The underweight ones are the ones who are more susceptible to sickness and later learning disabilities.
-This poor little 8 year old girl sitting there listening to this. I am sure she was thinking, it must not be good to be fat. I wonder if I am to fat. Maybe I should be to full to finish my food. Do I need to loose 20 lbs. and on and on.

So, what did I do? nothing! shame on me! I hate confrontation. I didn't have thoughts fully formed in my head yet. I was just enraged and yet, it will continue, because I did nothing but blog about it.

What did it do for me? Made me think about how I should talk. Do I think or talk about my weight to much? Do my kids worry about how they look? How can I teach them healthy habits without destroying their confidence in how they look?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad Day!

Tom left on Tuesday morning to go to Idaho to get Laser surgery done on his eyes. We have missed him and we were supposed to pick him up at the airport tonight. But alas, it is 10 pm and still no Daddy. His flight was canceled due to bad weather in Denver. He decided since he would be missing work tomorrow any way, he would just stay ,until Sunday morning, with his family. I am happy that he gets to spend good time with his family and rest his eyes a little after surgery, but I really do miss the big lug! I hate going to bed without him, which explains why I am still up.
Oh well, the surgery went really well and they figure he will have 20/20 vision before the week is up. What an amazing age we live in, where sight can be restored. He has worn thick glasses since he was 6 (I think) so this is a huge deal, to be able to play with the boys without the worry. I am really excited not to have to wake up to help him find his glasses in the morning ;) Oh Tommy glad you've had your sight restored-Wish I could see you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

8:40 and all is well!

Wow, it really is 8:40 in the morning and everyone is sleeping! I am not because I am not tired anymore. That is a good feeling. Seth came downstairs this morning, ate breakfast and then cuddled with me while I was reading. He said wow Mom, isn't it peaceful with just the 2 of us :) He curled up and went back to sleep. Now it is just me and the clicking of the keyboard 2 hours later than our normal wake up time. I am loving it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Blog among other things

I decided, rather than boring everyone about the details of my marathon training I would put it in another blog. I really want to keep track of where I have been. Then I can be proud of myself for the milestones I have reached. So if your interested in reading that blog, the site is-
I am so excited to have a new goal to look forward to!
On another note, I have had a little boy running again. The weather is beautiful, so we have been playing outside everyday. The boys love it, but everyday we have to go in due to the runner. Gabriel was able to get about a quarter mile away yesterday, I was unprepared with the "Enoch shuffle". I finally caught him and brought him home. We decided that from now on I will tie a rope around my belt loop and his, then he can only get about 10 feet away. Today I was feeding Enoch and talking to my sister in law on the phone. Hyrum decided to go ride a bike- no shoes and no coat. A fedex man knocked on the door, when I opened it I was surprised to see Hyrum outside with him, crying. Poor guy got cold. Thank You Mr. Fedex man. Not sure how long it would have taken me to realize he was gone. Is that the point you reach, when you start to realize you might have to many kids? I have almost gotten to the point where I have decided to give up phone calls. How sad! I do love talking on the phone, but it seems the kids really suffer when I do. I am just not that great at multitasking.
We got some new job charts for the boys. I love them because we can change out the jobs and the stickers are reusable. The boys are great at getting their jobs done. One week completed and one more week to go before we get to take a trip to the childrens museum.
A friend of ours gave us some play dough when Enoch was born. I tell you, this stuff is the ultimate in good times. The boys have a blast whenever we get it out. Because of this I decided we needed another craft to do, so last week I bought some finger paint and paper and now our walls are lined with colorful artwork. I have never been that kind of a fun mom before. I am more of a all work and no play kind of girl. I think the boys are starting to enjoy this new leaf we have turned over-and the house is not to much worse for the ware!
Tom is coming up on his 30th birthday, and though I hate to burry him in this post, I am afraid I won't be getting around to posting again for a while. This man is the perfect man for me! I looked for 3 things in my man, looks, compaassion, and a love of God-I was truely blessed to find Tom. Here are some reasons why I love him. Whenever he goes to the store he always picks me up a treat or some flowers. Whenever he gets home from work he changes his clothes and plays with the boys straight on through till bed time. He always compliments my cooking-most often it is hamburger helper! He tells me I am hot, even though I haved gained about 10 lbs per baby. He helps me set and keep goals. He holds me when I am cold. kisses me when I am frazzled, and loves me when I am grumpy. He is the best caregiver when I am sick or recovering from having babies. He even took a day off work this year to take care of me when I was sick. He gets up with the kids on the weekends, so I can sleep in, and makes breakfast. He braves the harsh working world everyday, because he loves his family and wants to take care of us. He teaches me gently and most often silently, letting me make my own mistakes and picking me up when I do. He truely feasts on the words of Christ. He loves the Savior. When I hear him pray, I again feel privleged to even know such a good and wonderful man. Every time I look at him I am reminded of what a handsome man I married. Athletic, muscular, good, mormon boy with the sweetest dimples and eyes that shine with the light of Christ! Thanks for marrying me Tom, and Happy Birthday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resume normal activity

Well, I went to my 6 weeks doctors appointment, and she gave me the go ahead to resume normal activity. She continued, I can now go grocery shopping, do laundry, lift things over 20 lbs, and exercise. Funny, I wonder how all of that got done the last four weeks? However, the exercise does intrigue me. She said I could start out with short walks around the block. I actually started elyptical last week just a half hour at top endurance. Though, I have been eating like crazy since Enoch was born. I weigh 14 lbs less than I did before I got pregnant with Enoch. I feel the need to qaulify that statement for my short friends. 14 lbs is not very much at all for a tall person, basically water weight. I would like to loose 40 lbs in the next year. Again to qualify that, this is about 2 dress sizes for me. Not alot, but just get me back to my normal size. I have a few motivators. First, Shawn and Laurie, my sweet brother in-law is marrying my even sweeter sister in-laws sister in-law :) But that is next month. So I need a goal to set for myself for April 24th. The next motivator is another wedding. My sister Allison is getting married in June. Again I need a good goal to set for myself. Just a week after that we are going on a trip to Puerto Rico. There will be a profesional photographer there, and I would like to look good in those pictures, so again this is another short term goal I can work toward. From there I am not sure how to break up the goals to hit the one year mark. However, next year I would like to run the Run for the Lakes Marothon here in Minnesota in April. So, Who knows what kind of goals I should set? Who knows what I should eat, how I should train, and what I should be doing? Those of you who read this blog and know what I should be doing, please respond. I need all the help I can get.
Thanks and lots of love from Minnesota!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The No more HAPPINESS diet.

Each of my boys have had a problem with me consuming dairy and chocolate. So in the words of my favorite comedian Brian Regan, I have once again joined the "No more happiness" club.
Each time I do this I come up with creative ways to eat the things I love. Especially Ice Cream. Yesterday I went to the store in search of dairy free Ice Cream. What I found was uh interesting. I found a rice Ice Cream- that I am willing to never eat again! and a tofu Ice Cream, which I must say is the closest I have ever tasted to the real thing. I also replaced my milk with soy or almond milk. Because I had my gall bladder removed after having Seth, I have to take acydopholis pills- instead of eating yogurt when I am nursing. Replacing dairy is pretty painless, however chocolate on the other hand, is a completely different story-Karab is not a good sub! Oh well. So Marie, I will be making that delicous cobbler again tonight!
I know this post is extra boring, so go search for Brian Regan on YouTube and laugh till your sides hurt! Thanks for introducing us to him Kiri and Joe!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just for you!

This will be fun. thanks LeeJean.Okay so the first 5 people to respond to this post will receive something made by me to choice.made especially for you.of course there are some restrictions and limitations:
1 i make no guarantees that you will like what i make!2 what i create will be just for you.
3 it will be done sometime this year.4 you have no clue what it will be... it may be a story. it may be poetry or an article on properly cleaning your face before a masque. i may draw or paint something. i may bake something and mail it to you. who knows? not you, thats for sure.
5 i reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? oh the catch is that you must repost this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on their blog. The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did will win a FAB-U-LOUS homemade gift by me!!oh and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sister Stevens from the Primary General Board was at my house

Last week our ward primary president called me to see if I would be willing to have 2 people from the primary come to my house. I said sure, and I wasn't quite sure what I had heard, so after I hung up I talked it over with my mom. I told her that I thought Sister Saltzgiver had said that the Primary General President wanted to come to my house. After we talked it over for a while, I was pretty sure I had heard her wrong so I didn't worry about it. Then, the next day I got a call from our Stake Primary President called to make the appointment. As a side note, our Minnesota numbers ring tone is a Las Vegas poker callers voice. It says something like "Place your bets now, will they answer or voice mail, last call..." So back to the story, she called, and she was laughing hysterically at our ring tone. She set up the appointment. I figured then that I must have heard wrong, and it was just the Stake Primary presidency coming for a visit. Yesterday at 3:58 2 women come knocking at my door. The first introduces herself as the Stake Primary president. The other didn't introduce herself. About 20 minutes after they were at my house, I asked them why they were doing visits, this is the point when I found out that she was part of the General primary presidency. I didn't catch her name though. Both of the Ladies were very sweet and soft spoken. They talked and played with the kids and found several occasions to bare testimony of our saviors love. They also quized the boys on primary songs, scriptures, and the articles of faith. The boys all did well. Can you also believe that none of the boys fought or raised there voices the entire time they were at our house. As she was leaving Sister Stevens told me that they meet weekly to discuss the primary children, and she said not a week goes by that they don't pray for the mothers and their children. She left me with encouragement and a big hug! After she left the shock of what had happened started to sink in a little. Now after having a while to reflect I feel sad. If I got to do it over again, I would have had a list of questions for her, or had the kids sit at her feet and ask her questions, and taken a picture with her and the boys to put in their scrap books. I sure hope this isn't the last time I get to sit with someone who does so much to help children to love the Savior as much as he loves them. I feel blessed!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top ten reasons to visit Minnesota

There is really so much to blog about, but I just can't seem to get caught up, so here is another little tidbit!
10) Minnesota Children Museum

9) St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

8) Mall of America

7) Worlds Largest underground Shark Aquarium

6) Sledding

5) Milk in a bag

4) 10 miles from Wisconsin

3) 2 miles from the Oakdale Temple

2) Beautiful Skylines

1) The Kunzler Clan!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Girl who cries birth, or Five boys to kiss and that is just scandalous, or Baby Enoch makes his debut!

So the title says it all!
Enoch John was born at 2:14 this morning.
He weighs 8 pounds and 1 ounce
He is 20.6 inches long
He is so peaceful and sweet
We are in love!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The New Arrival!

When Tom and I got married, My Grandma gave us a King sized bed that was about 10 years old, and in good shape, but the previous owner had died in it. Slightly unromantic :) I don't mean to complain at all. We loved having so much room for the kids to jump in bed with us, and it had a faux brass bed frame, which was cute. When we moved to Minnesota I wasn't sure how much room we would have in the moving van, so we decided to give it away. This was under the impression that we would be absolutely filthy rich when we got here, and the first thing we would by was a new and incredible absolutely wonderful bed. Then, life hit. After hospital trips and Idaho trips and a mortgage and a new car and student loans and paying off a credit card, we kept saying maybe next month. For the last 5 months Tom and I have been sharing this twin size mattress.

This usually either meant that I woke up at 3 am to go sleep on the couch, or if I started out the night with a back ache, I would just start on the couch and Tom would bring the mattress out to sleep next to me. Every night when we would lay down on the mattress, I would either fall off, or Tom would huddle next to the wall and give me the most possible room. Most nights I would wake up with about 6 inches of my pregnant belly over the edge of the bed.
So needless to say, Tom and I were anxiously awaiting our new bed. We finally decided that it had come to the top of our priority list. We wanted to have it before Enoch arrived, because my babies usually end up in bed with me and there just wouldn't have been room. Plus Hyrum was on the crib mattress, because we were on his mattress, so it had to be done.
Last night we went to Costco and bought this 12 inch memory foam mattress.

I am positive I have never slept so good in my entire life! I fell asleep and woke up to the alarm in the exact same position. I felt completely rested with no aches and pains. The hardest part about the bed was getting up this morning. Tom even joked about calling in sick, because we were so comfortable! I honestly feel like I could remain pregnant and comfortable forever with this bed. ahhh, lifes little luxuries!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just back from the hospital

Here are the results!
The Tetanus shot
The weapon
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5292783639132221794" />

Standing just 4 feet off the ground, one rusty metallic hazard!
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5292783425809851970" />

The wound
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The Boy!
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We aren't quite sure what the motive was, but Gabriel hit Hyrum in the head with the broom. It just happened to cut him. One tetanus shot and four hours in the emergency room later, we are tired and glad to be home!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The FOCA Bill

My dear friend just made a movie about the FOCA bill. It is extremely informative and gives you all of the information at your fingertips. Please go to this link to find out more.
I don't think I could add to the information presented here.
A couple things about this bill stand out to me as wrong, and I just want to present them again.
-If this bill passes, Doctors can be sued for not giving an abortion. Yuck-what will the good men and women doctors do? Tom and I were talking about it. Really, they would just have to quite to keep from facing a moral dilema or law suite- and then we as women would be left without good and moral healthcare.
-next, if this bill passes, any woman, at any age, for any reason, at any time in their pregnancy can choose to end their pregnancy.
-and last they want to make abortion one of the fundametal rights. Do we really want the freedom of abortion to sit next to our sacred constitutional rights of religion, speach, voting, and the other freedoms we take for granted.
- as a sub thought, this bill if passed would take all of these rights away from so many unborn children.

If you do nothing else, at least educate yourself. I pray with that education you will be motivated to do more!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why I love Minnesota!

Something Tom and I have said from the very first week we moved here, is the people here are so friendly! We love it. Everyone is very neighborly. They just seeem to care for eachother, whether they know each other or not. Just to prove my point, this morning, all before 8:00 I personally recieved 2 acts of kindness from strangers.
Every morning I bundle up the boys, so we can take Seth to the school bus. It is 1/4 mile walk and we are usually gone for 10 minutes. The boys get their hats, gloves, snow boots and snow pants on. After all of this dressing, I grab a jacket and we make a mad rush in the stroller to the bus. Today, when I got to the bus stop, and made sure that the boys were all warm enough for the wait, I realized my ears were burning. I pulled my hands out of my sleaves and warmed them up. Just as I did this, a man stopped his car in the middle of the intersection and asked me if I wanted his hat. I had never met or seen this man, and he really only had about five seconds, to decided to be so sweet and kind! How thoughtful! I declined and prayed that I would be able to show that kind of compassion to someone soon, and not easily forget his. Then just seconds later, the other family who meets at the bus stop asked if Seth could sit in the car with them to keep warm and wait for the bus, and we could just head home. Again, very thoughtful and very helpful. I ran home and on the way thought how much I love the people of Minnesota!
Just for reference, I jumped on the internet to check the temperature it is negative 16 before the windchill is factured in, and you can get a brain freeze from cold weather, not just ice cream!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hurrumph! or Enoch please come soon!

Try as I might I can not induce labor. Yesterday after church, I tried to walk down the steps, and instead I most gracefully slid down the steps and landed on my back with my skirt over my head and my feet sticking up in the air. I instantly had rescuers at my side gathering me and all my papers up, and helping me to my car. You think that such a fall would induce labor at 39 weeks. Nope, just got a skinned knee and a sprained ankle. Then last night, I determinedly dressed my boys for a winter evening walk. Tom and I pushed them around in the stroller for about 40 minutes- 1 mile, through 3 inch snow, with ice underneath. Did that put me into labor? No! I was just frozen from the waste down. Then in the middle of the night I woke up to the gut wrenching flu. I have heaved every half hour for the last 12 hours. Did that put me into labor? Nope, now I just have two black eyes from all the pressure it apparently takes to empty your stomach all over the bathroom.
Each week, I have people ask me when I am due. And each week, I add two weeks to my true due date. This week for some reason, saying I had 3 weeks left, left me wanting to cry! Oh how I hope I get to hold a little baby boy soon!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So this is me at 38 weeks and 3 days, do I really look like I need to be the target of such abuse :) Maybe you shouldn't answer that :)

I went to my 38 week appointment today. Got some good news from the midwife, and I was feeling pretty good. Then I picked up the kids from the babysitter. I stopped at Subway and I am telling you the lady that helped me was relentless! I walked in and she stopped in her tracks looking at me she said, "you look like your ready to pop." I tried to keep her from saying anything else. I said, "Thanks thats just what every pregnant woman wants to hear." dripping with sarcasim. I am getting better at sarcasim, the more pregnant I get! She said, "sorry, but you have to be due any minute!!"-I just want to order a sandwich. "Are you having more than one. Your carrying it all right up front. You know, my daughter in law carried just like that- she ran into everything. She couldn't even reach around her stomache. Yep she looked just like you!" "You must be so uncomfortable! Well what are you having?" I say, "a boy- and I just want a chicken sandwich" "Oh a boy, what a bummer, A boy what a drag. Well you know what they say, if at first you don't succeed, try try again. That is if you can handle more than one. Not me, one was enough for me. So, do you have any other kids?" "Yes, three boys, can I get all the vegetables" "Three boys oh my gosh! Three boys, you should stop trying, and don't touch me, I don't want any of you to rubb off on me. Do you want chips or a cookie?" "No, thanks have a nice day!" When I got in the van I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry! The only word that came to mind was relentless!

Monday, January 5, 2009

...will be boys...

OK, I posted earlier today, so don't miss that one, but we can call this part 2. Today, I was looking forward to Seths return from school. At about 3:20-his normal arrival time, we went and waited by the door. Then at 3:25 he still wasn't home. I started to worry a little, and decided to walk down the street to see if I saw him. I didn't so I went to the neighbors who give him a ride home from the bus, to see if he was chillin' there. He wasn't and they didn't send their little girl to school today, because she was sick, so they didn't know anything about him. So mild panick started to set in. I went to my next door neighbors house and asked if she could watch my little boys while I searched for him, on foot. Then I decided to walk to the end of the road and look for him at the bus stop just in case he might be there playing. As I was on my way to the bus stop, Kumba, the lady who usually gives him a ride called me. She asked if I had found him yet, and I said no. Then she said she had called one of the other parents at the bus stop, and they had not seen him either. In fact, their kids didn't remember seeing him on the bus. Now, I was out of ideas. I tried to call the school, but couldn't get through their automated system to talk to a real person. I decided I needed to find a ride to the school. Just then one of our neighbors drove by and pulled into her drive way. I ran over to her car and asked her if she could give me a ride to the school. She said she would so I jumped in. Just as we were backing out of her drive way, She noticed Seth running up the road towards home. I thanked her for her kindness, and jumped out of the car to get Seth. This is at 3:52 32 minutes of shear panick!
This is his story.
He was riding the bus home, and he sat in the back by his friend. The bus driver didn't see him on the bus and he forgot to get off at the stop. So, when Seth told the bus driver what had happened, the bus driver said that he would make the usual rounds, and when everyone else was off the bus, he would take Seth back to his stop. How can you be mad at the poor little guy. Now, I was a little upset with the bus driver. I wished that he would have radioed in to the school and had them call me or something. I sent his teacher an email letting her know, and asking her to help me come up with a back up plan, in case this happens again. I don't think I can handle this kind of helpless panick again!
So, I came home and thanked my neighbor and took her home-She is 85. Then on the way home the flood gates opened and I couldn't help but shed some tears. Thank you Heavenly Father for watching my boy and sending so many helping hands! Thank you that Seth wasn't kidnapped or lost or hurt or scared! And thank you that it is over! These were the thoughts going through my head as my little Setherdoo skipped up the drive way. Another day in the life of this crazy mother in Zion :)


Boys will be boys!
First, Last week Tom got home and said hey, its like 38 degrees outside, the snow is melting and wet enough to make a snow man. Lets go. So we bundled all of the boys up and they made two snow men and a few snow angels in the dark at about 8pm. I love my husband, he is such a fun Dad!

Secondly, We have family movie night every Friday night. This consists of re-arranging the furniture, so the couch sits right next to the computer desk, making popcorn and hot-chocolate. Bringing every blanket in the house to the couch, and settling in for a long cartoon. The boys really look forward to it. Last friday, just before we started the movie Gabe was doing flying supermans off of the couch, and when he got up one time he stood right up into the piano. He has this to show for it.

Then, today the boys were eating oranges in the kitchen. I heard Gabe ask Hyrum to grab a knife, so they could open a new orange. I was using the facilities :) and ask them to wait and I would help them. Moments later I saw a flash of bright light. I quickly finished and ran into the kitchen to find a smoking butter knife on the floor next to the outlet. Apparently Hyrum was trying to be like Grandpa Larry. These are the results, the camera really doesn't do it justice.

The corner of the butter knife is melted, and the wall will have to be touched up with paint. As far as I can tell, he was putting the knife between the wall plate and the wall. But, he wasn't crying. I asked him if it hurt, and he said no. So I think Angels must have been watching over him! I don't know how he didn't get shocked. Its a miracle!
So...Boys will be boys, and I am pretty sure Heavenly Father laughed when he decided to send me another one!

Friday, January 2, 2009


First, I want to thank my kids completely inspired primary and nursery leaders. When we first moved here, Seth and Gabriel had a pretty rough time at church. Bringing both of the teachers to ask me what they should do. Tom and I talked to the boys, but were unsure of what else to do. Then Seths teacher had a break through. I wasn't sure exactly what she was doing, but I could tell he was so happy in primary, and really excited to share all he was learning with me after church. I talked to her at an Enrichment night, and told her how glad I was that she was his teacher and how much Seth loved her. I asked her what changed. She said after a lot of fasting and prayer and late nights, she was inspired with a method of teaching that worked great for Seth. Since then, she had no problems with him, and he was such a joy to have in her class. This is a single woman with no prior teaching experience-just fulfilling the calling the Lord gave her to do. In October the nursery leaders were changed. By the 3rd week in October the same thing had happened with Gabriel. He loved nursery, he was happy to go, and he was getting great reports from the teachers. Just a few weeks ago the boys all missed church because they had colds. The next day Gabriel and Hyrums nursery leader stopped by to see how they were. She brought a couple books for me as well. They were "how to" books on raising kids. At first, my ego took over, and I was slightly embarassed to admit that I didn't know it all. Then I sat down and read the books. She was completely inspired to bring them, and I am so grateful for her!
One of the books is called "Raising your high spirited child" the other is called "Love and Logic". I had been recieving emails from the "love and logic" website, but I had never fully understood the concepts until I read the book. So my plugs are for inspired primary/nursery teachers and "love and logic".
On that note, we took the kids to a restaraunt tonight, to "practice" their restuaraunt manners. One of the things that "love and logic" teaches is that we need to give our kids opportunities to mess up, where the consequences are still small. Better to have them wreck their tricycle than the parents car. So, after having good results with all the other things we have tried in the book, successful trips to the grocery store, good eating and manners at the table, positive experiences with "time out", etc. we decided to take it to the next level and go to IHOP. This is the first time we have ever taken our kids out to a sit down restaurant. They did soooo good! We stayed for 1 and 1/2 hours without any problems. Then Hyrum got bored and spit his milk out of his straw. I was prepared for this, and told him because he chose to spit his milk, he chose to wait in the car. I had Tom take care of paying the bill, wrapping up my dinner, etc. I took Hyrum to the car put him in the carseat. Then I got in and we waited in the car with the heater on until Tom and the boys joined us. The entire night was so pleasant, that Tom and I have decided to do it again. Seth and Gabriel were perfect! So Thank you "Love and Logic" and Thank you inspired nursery leader!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Minnesota Weather

Apparently the weather is not as cold as it has been. When I went to get Tom from work on Christmas Eve-@ 2:00, people were walking all over town in t-shirts and snow boots-in down town St. Paul. I looked at the temperature and it was 15 degrees.
When we first moved here last April, Seth sayed "uh-oh, now you've done it, we moved to the cold country." Tom and I laugh about it every once in a while when we have to go out, and the temperature is below zero. Tom sent me an email the yesterday saying that we had received snow 25 of the last 30 days. I can gaurentee that no one here understands the meaning of the word drought. It sure is a different world here!
Lots of love from the cold country!