Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Has any one else in the world ever realized that they don't have it all figured out?

I went to an Electricity Museum yesterday. They have come up with a way- with electrical impulses-to reduce the symptoms of Parkinsons. Wow!!

Will our planet every really look like Wall-E's world? Ever realize how much that actually sounds like Walyworld aka Wallmart? hmmm...

Why can't you grow a garden from seeds that come from fruit at the store? Why do we have genetically altered single generation fruit? Conspiracy?

Couponing-Can anyone else figure out how to buy $500 worth of stuff for 50 cents and get free money back-puzzling!

In Brazil they recently had several years of a recession. They tried everything from stimulus packages to welfare to "waiting it out". Then finally they brought in the top economic advisers in the world, to make suggestions. What did they suggest? Teach the people to save, and the economy will turn around. Is this what wise men including our prophets have been saying for years? Inspiring!

For as long as I can remember Women have been asked to get mammograms at age 40. Now, as we are moving into socialist Health Care, Government paid Health "advisers" are suggesting that mammograms are not needed until the age of fifty. Sad!

How do I end this blog on a happy note? I guess I sort of sound like a dooms day-er. I guess I was just mind dumping. In our last stake conference Elder Ward and Elder Packer(not of the quorum of the 12) came to visit us. Elder Packer taught us about receiving personal revelation. He told us to learn to be guided by the spirit, so that when something comes along, we will know what we should do, with out having to ask someone else. He told of the following example- He was a mission president in 2001. He was sent out in July. He was giving a Mission conference in September, when someone told him that he had better go and watch the news. He saw the second plane hit the tower. Then he went back into the conference and told the Elders to take off their badges and ties. To go purchase some food if they didn't have enough in their apartments, and wait at home until they received further notice. One Elder spoke up and said President-have you discussed this with Salt Lake? Meaning uhh-I came to be a missionary-that is what I am here to do-and if the Prophet tells me to take off my badge, I will-but...
Elder Packer then used this story to teach us. If this missionary was used to receiving personal revelation- he would have known by the spirit that this was the right thing to do. After I read Elder Scotts talk from the Ensign I read Sister Motssomoris talk. Again it was on revelation. In a world of uncertainty, knowing how to receive personal revelation-direction from the Lord will be our certainty.

Sister Matsumori spoke directly on this subject
This is the link to her talk

Here is an excerpt and one of my favorite parts.
A Sunbeam(3-4 year old class) teacher wrapped each of her class members one by one in a blanket to teach them how the Spirit feels like the comfort and security of that covering. A visiting mother also heard the lesson.

Many months later the mother thanked the teacher. She told how she had been less active when she accompanied her young daughter to Primary. Several weeks after the lesson, the mother suffered a miscarriage. She was overcome with grief when suddenly she felt a great warmth and peace. It felt like someone had covered her with a warm blanket. She recognized the reassurance of the Spirit and knew that Heavenly Father was aware of her and that He loved her.

I know the Lord sent us here to Earth for a reason. He loves us, and he didn't leave us to figure out our purpose on our own. He gave us the spirit, prayer, scriptures...If we have nothing else we can still be taught which direction to go and comforted in our time of need. I know this is true. I encourage you all to seek to be able to recognize the spirit and its promptings. By doing so, you will come closer to Christ.


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renaekingsley said...

I love it. I completely agree with you on all those fact, 'Ive been trying to teach other people about some of these issues as well (particularly the seeds. Yes, it IS a's all about profits. Look into heirloom seeds, they work forever). Thanks for your thoughts, and you DID end on a very positive note. I just read those talks today for my Visiting Teaching message. I'm SO thankful for modern revelation!

Andrea said...

Thanks, Erika! I could use some deep thinking in my life. ;) I also loved those talks, and Elder Scott's was probably the one that I enjoyed most out of the whole conference.