Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Late Summer Winds

Late Summer Winds
Wind, You don't fool me
Disguised as a welcome relief from the blistering Sun
I know, Life slows as you blow
The Harvest comes
With frost on your tips you bring death
Like wrinkles, the leaves change
Like cancer, the leaves cover the ground
You bring death to this sea of green
Dimwits will remark on the beauty of Autumn
The loveliness and kindness that rest her wisend eyes
They see her royally sitting in her hospital bed
and pray for her to live
But, There is an order to things
A spring, a summer, a fall, a winter
You are blowing dangerously close to fall
Now she hangs ominously in the balance between life and death
so, don't blow wind
Keep your colors
your rays of shaky hands, age spots, and lost memories
Stay far from those I love
Too late
Why was she so brave?
Why couldn't summer have lasted a little longer?
Did I savor every moment?
You, wind, carrier of bad news
Carry these questions to the one
The one who keeps order
The one who made her brave
The one who took her away
How many times will you blow before I see her again?
Asking you not to blow is the same as halting the seasons
The miraculous miserable seasons of life
A birth in spring
A life lived in summer
A preparation in fall
A loathsome death in winter
As you carried her away you carried another
The One
The one who plead for life but accepted death to save us
The one who made her brave
An all knowing Father hid in the deepest corner above
Not far enough
Still not far enough away to keep from hearing
Hearing his Son cry, "Where are you father?"
As he died in agony
You The Father quaked the earth
You darkened the sun
You cried
I know you will understand as I grieve while the wind blows
It blows smells of fresh bread, homemade jam, garden harvests
It blows memories of her hugs, her working in the garden, the orchard, the kitchen, her
Oh Father who knows all, who loves all
Thank you for blessing me with her
Blow wind
Blow the memories
Advance the seasons
As He willingly died
I willingly live
This is my summer
Blow wind