Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lifes Education

Wow, I tried to write the title 5 times.  It just didn't say what I wanted it to.  Life has so much education in it.  You don't have to go to a school for 8 hours a day to learn.
I found #1 in the guest bed one night, shortly after we had started homeschool.  This was when we had just discovered the magic tree house books.  I was so excited that he was finally reading chapter books independently, that I just let him read as late as he wanted to.  

#1 has easily finished 100 chapter books since we started homeschooling.  (pre-homeschooling he hadn't finished any) He has written a handful of  thank you cards, letters to friends, and love notes to grandparents.  He has written 3 "books", though I think one of them-his book of spells is a work in progress. (All of this is self directed-meaning I say it is writing time and he chooses what to write)   He also keeps an on-going Math book, Science book, and handwriting folder.
 #5 with her big brother, #1 learning to fly

This is not to mention the daily conversations about our nation, politics, the gospel in action, gardening, house cleaning, parenting, laundry, daily chores, family rules, nutrition, bicycle maitenance, etc.  As well as learning some basic cooking skills that have fed the family.   Of course, there is also our trips to the public library bi-weekly.  One of the Librarians is his favorite.  And she works on Tuesday-so we have got to go on Tuesdays.

This is a basket of books and books on cd ready to be returned to the library on one of our bi-weekly trips.  
We also have the boys in a childrens choir.  Their first concert is next week!  
The second Tuesday of every month finds us at a ballet.  This is one of the Ballerinos.  He was amazing.  #1 loves dancing and he was so excited to meet a real dancer.  

Life looks a little different for #2.  He does all of the appropriate school requirements-but for him that is not what he is learning-it is just what Momma makes him do before he can go learn.

 This is a science project using baking soda and vinegar to blow up balloons.  We had finished science for the day.  I had cleaned everything up, and went in to the bathroom to give #5 a bath, when I found this.  I guess the instruction stuck.  
Here #1 and #2 are discovering how hard different rocks are.  Following this experient was a lot of research and discussion on drill bits, diamonds, and learning about many different types of rocks and their uses.  It was student led education.  

 This is one of the reasons why I love my little #2.  This is an intricate game that he has played consistently for over 3 years.  He plays it with his brothers, and he is the creative master mind.  I often find detailed game sets like this all over my house.  My kids are so awesome!

This is #2 my little water bug.  I swear this boy has gills.  He never loses his smile, the entire time he is in the water.  I am sure by the end of every lesson he has recycled most of the pool.  
Isn't #2 handsome?

#3 is like a little recorder.  He may be my only auditor learner.  He walks around the house spouting off interesting facts or math problems.  The other day he said, "Mom do you know how many Presidents were born in Virginia?- No how many- 8"  OK so for those of you who are Judy Moody fans, you will recognize where this came from, but still I thought it was impressive that a 5 year old would remember Virginia.  This boy L_O_V_E_S anything that has to do with Natural Science.  So, if I want to make him really happy I take him to the Non-fiction section at the library and let him choose 5 books.  This week we learned about rocks, deep-sea prehistoric monsters, why boogers are green, and fun things to do with vinegar and baking soda.
He is such an eager learner, and my easiest one to get through the required homework of the day.
Those dimples are so cute!  
Flight of the bumblebee- Blair Witch projects- you've got nothing 
This is a recorded shot of #3 finding and stealing the camera.  
#3's favorite thing to do is take my camera and make documentary films.  I have several hours of recorded video from this creative mastermind.  
#4 is a Space Cadet!  He loves anything about space.  I am reminded of my big brother, when ever I listen to this 3 year old teaching me about the satelites.  I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures in the books I check out for him.  Nebullas, formations of new stars, aurora borealis seen from space, and even the history of a telescope have all been fascinating to me.

#4 in Dads hat and #1's glasses- When I see him looking this big I dread 15 years from now when he is ready to move out!

Of course life learning at our house isn't all smooth sailing.  A few days ago #1 made a clean cut right through a fifty dollar extension chord, with the hedge trimmer. #2 has learned that you shouldn't climb the tree unless momma is watching.   #3 and #4 stold candy from the store and had to learn all about repentance.   # 5 has finally learned not to crawl up the stairs.  This momma bought several bars of chocolate and exhausted all of her trusted confidants, to self medicate.

#4 was #3's froggy side kick 

After all of this, my kids received a package from my brother.  Wow, I am not sure that I have ever blogged about him before.  He is 17 months older than me.  He intuitively understands me better than most people.  We went through a lot of the same hard things growing up.  My #2 is the same age as his little guy.  He is one of those people that I can go months with out talking to and then pick up the phone and chat with him for 2 hours without missing a beat.  He is a real soul friend!    Any way, this soul friend of mine sent my boys a package the other day.    With a note attached-  "It could be worse".  However, there was no return address.  Imidiately when I opened the package I started to laught and figured I had a pretty good idea who it was from.  I called my brother and he just giggled.  He has the cutest giggle!  :) Thanks Bubba.  I needed the laugh and the boys needed to blow off a little steam :)
"It could be worse"
Forgive the spelling and gramar on this.  I am not even sure what is misspelled-because I am writing this on my husbands computer and its set language is portugese :)  So everything I write is underlined in red.

Monday, April 2, 2012


I love this baby! She is such a sweet girl. Whenever her brothers or Dad walk in to the room, she lights up. They can't help but be drawn to her. It is so fun for me to see the unity and love that she has brought to our home.

I can never be grateful enough to my Heavenly Father for sending me this little girl.
She is a little food eater. She has two teeth on bottom and one tooth on top. Today, I gave her a baked potato-pealed. She ate the whole thing and licked her fingers when she was done.

She has a cute little quirk. When she was just little # 2 would try to scare her with his Halloween mask. It is a skull. She got to the point where she would just laugh at him. The other day I was reading a science book to the kids about a human skeleton. I realized she was laughing, so I looked to see what she was laughing at, and it was the picture of the skull on the page. Every time she sees the book she laughs. It tickles me, to think about how adorable she is! I am hoping that this little video will work, if not I will have to figure it out tomorrow.