Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday #5

I can't believe you are one already.  At this stage in your life, you have decided not to crawl any more.  You fall on about every fifth step.  You look up.  You smile, and you stand your self up again to toddle along.

You have a few words in your vocabulary now.  Mamamama works for any time you are looking for a change.  Dadadada works for anytime that handsome man in a beard walks by.  NighNigh is sure to get you to bed.  Hi with a bashful smile and wave melts the hearts of all of those that see.  WaWu with a big slobbery kiss is the sweetest endearment.  You also say Seh Ga Ha an Na, whenever your brothers are near.  You clearly say Dog, Bird, and cat.  You say Eye, Noes, and toes.  And today you said HaBa Baba while clapping your hands, which we can all assume is happy birthday.

Every time I do the dishes, you are right there to help me.  I have started opening the cookie cutter drawer to keep you occupied.  I sweep, fold laundry, vacuum, mow the lawn, and weed the garden all with you right by my side.  I feel like I have a kindred spirit.  I feel blessed to have you.
You, beautiful number five.  You fit so perfectly in our family.  The other day we were all laying in a circle on a blanket.  You crawled right in the middle of the circle, so you could have a perfect view of the action.  When we kneel to pray, you toddle over so that I can help you kneel.  You fold your arms so sweetly for the prayer.  You even choose your little clothes with such care and decisiveness.  I love you.  I understand you.  I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent you to our family.  Happy Birthday my dear one.