Monday, March 30, 2009


Today I saw eating disorders in the making. I was at Burger king, watching the boys play. I over heard 2 women talking. One of the friends had three children, an 8 year old girl, a 5 year old boy and a baby. The other friend, from what I could tell, was a Grandmother with her two grandchildren a 5 year old boy and a 6 month old baby girl. The one friend commented on how chubby the baby girl was. The other agreed and said the doctor had limited this babies in take to 4-8 oz bottles a day and no food. Then this grandmother said that this little babies fat was getting beyond cute fat- it was starting to become embarrassing Fat. All the while her friend was agreeing! Then this little girl, the 8 year old, had enough guts to call the grandma out. She said, that's rude you shouldn't call a baby fat. The grandma said, well she can't understand me, on the other hand I wouldn't call you your face. And then both women cackled. Later they went on to talk about their diets- loosing 20 lbs, and not being able to finish their salads.
My take...
-This little baby was adorable! not even too fat. I have seen some fat babies, and this was just a normal baby with cute chubby cheeks. And yet even the really fat babies have turned out to be completely normal children and adults.
-Did the doctor really limit this babies eating? If so, shame on him and the mother for letting him. Do your homework! It is good for babies to be chubby. The underweight ones are the ones who are more susceptible to sickness and later learning disabilities.
-This poor little 8 year old girl sitting there listening to this. I am sure she was thinking, it must not be good to be fat. I wonder if I am to fat. Maybe I should be to full to finish my food. Do I need to loose 20 lbs. and on and on.

So, what did I do? nothing! shame on me! I hate confrontation. I didn't have thoughts fully formed in my head yet. I was just enraged and yet, it will continue, because I did nothing but blog about it.

What did it do for me? Made me think about how I should talk. Do I think or talk about my weight to much? Do my kids worry about how they look? How can I teach them healthy habits without destroying their confidence in how they look?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad Day!

Tom left on Tuesday morning to go to Idaho to get Laser surgery done on his eyes. We have missed him and we were supposed to pick him up at the airport tonight. But alas, it is 10 pm and still no Daddy. His flight was canceled due to bad weather in Denver. He decided since he would be missing work tomorrow any way, he would just stay ,until Sunday morning, with his family. I am happy that he gets to spend good time with his family and rest his eyes a little after surgery, but I really do miss the big lug! I hate going to bed without him, which explains why I am still up.
Oh well, the surgery went really well and they figure he will have 20/20 vision before the week is up. What an amazing age we live in, where sight can be restored. He has worn thick glasses since he was 6 (I think) so this is a huge deal, to be able to play with the boys without the worry. I am really excited not to have to wake up to help him find his glasses in the morning ;) Oh Tommy glad you've had your sight restored-Wish I could see you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

8:40 and all is well!

Wow, it really is 8:40 in the morning and everyone is sleeping! I am not because I am not tired anymore. That is a good feeling. Seth came downstairs this morning, ate breakfast and then cuddled with me while I was reading. He said wow Mom, isn't it peaceful with just the 2 of us :) He curled up and went back to sleep. Now it is just me and the clicking of the keyboard 2 hours later than our normal wake up time. I am loving it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Blog among other things

I decided, rather than boring everyone about the details of my marathon training I would put it in another blog. I really want to keep track of where I have been. Then I can be proud of myself for the milestones I have reached. So if your interested in reading that blog, the site is-
I am so excited to have a new goal to look forward to!
On another note, I have had a little boy running again. The weather is beautiful, so we have been playing outside everyday. The boys love it, but everyday we have to go in due to the runner. Gabriel was able to get about a quarter mile away yesterday, I was unprepared with the "Enoch shuffle". I finally caught him and brought him home. We decided that from now on I will tie a rope around my belt loop and his, then he can only get about 10 feet away. Today I was feeding Enoch and talking to my sister in law on the phone. Hyrum decided to go ride a bike- no shoes and no coat. A fedex man knocked on the door, when I opened it I was surprised to see Hyrum outside with him, crying. Poor guy got cold. Thank You Mr. Fedex man. Not sure how long it would have taken me to realize he was gone. Is that the point you reach, when you start to realize you might have to many kids? I have almost gotten to the point where I have decided to give up phone calls. How sad! I do love talking on the phone, but it seems the kids really suffer when I do. I am just not that great at multitasking.
We got some new job charts for the boys. I love them because we can change out the jobs and the stickers are reusable. The boys are great at getting their jobs done. One week completed and one more week to go before we get to take a trip to the childrens museum.
A friend of ours gave us some play dough when Enoch was born. I tell you, this stuff is the ultimate in good times. The boys have a blast whenever we get it out. Because of this I decided we needed another craft to do, so last week I bought some finger paint and paper and now our walls are lined with colorful artwork. I have never been that kind of a fun mom before. I am more of a all work and no play kind of girl. I think the boys are starting to enjoy this new leaf we have turned over-and the house is not to much worse for the ware!
Tom is coming up on his 30th birthday, and though I hate to burry him in this post, I am afraid I won't be getting around to posting again for a while. This man is the perfect man for me! I looked for 3 things in my man, looks, compaassion, and a love of God-I was truely blessed to find Tom. Here are some reasons why I love him. Whenever he goes to the store he always picks me up a treat or some flowers. Whenever he gets home from work he changes his clothes and plays with the boys straight on through till bed time. He always compliments my cooking-most often it is hamburger helper! He tells me I am hot, even though I haved gained about 10 lbs per baby. He helps me set and keep goals. He holds me when I am cold. kisses me when I am frazzled, and loves me when I am grumpy. He is the best caregiver when I am sick or recovering from having babies. He even took a day off work this year to take care of me when I was sick. He gets up with the kids on the weekends, so I can sleep in, and makes breakfast. He braves the harsh working world everyday, because he loves his family and wants to take care of us. He teaches me gently and most often silently, letting me make my own mistakes and picking me up when I do. He truely feasts on the words of Christ. He loves the Savior. When I hear him pray, I again feel privleged to even know such a good and wonderful man. Every time I look at him I am reminded of what a handsome man I married. Athletic, muscular, good, mormon boy with the sweetest dimples and eyes that shine with the light of Christ! Thanks for marrying me Tom, and Happy Birthday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resume normal activity

Well, I went to my 6 weeks doctors appointment, and she gave me the go ahead to resume normal activity. She continued, I can now go grocery shopping, do laundry, lift things over 20 lbs, and exercise. Funny, I wonder how all of that got done the last four weeks? However, the exercise does intrigue me. She said I could start out with short walks around the block. I actually started elyptical last week just a half hour at top endurance. Though, I have been eating like crazy since Enoch was born. I weigh 14 lbs less than I did before I got pregnant with Enoch. I feel the need to qaulify that statement for my short friends. 14 lbs is not very much at all for a tall person, basically water weight. I would like to loose 40 lbs in the next year. Again to qualify that, this is about 2 dress sizes for me. Not alot, but just get me back to my normal size. I have a few motivators. First, Shawn and Laurie, my sweet brother in-law is marrying my even sweeter sister in-laws sister in-law :) But that is next month. So I need a goal to set for myself for April 24th. The next motivator is another wedding. My sister Allison is getting married in June. Again I need a good goal to set for myself. Just a week after that we are going on a trip to Puerto Rico. There will be a profesional photographer there, and I would like to look good in those pictures, so again this is another short term goal I can work toward. From there I am not sure how to break up the goals to hit the one year mark. However, next year I would like to run the Run for the Lakes Marothon here in Minnesota in April. So, Who knows what kind of goals I should set? Who knows what I should eat, how I should train, and what I should be doing? Those of you who read this blog and know what I should be doing, please respond. I need all the help I can get.
Thanks and lots of love from Minnesota!