Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resume normal activity

Well, I went to my 6 weeks doctors appointment, and she gave me the go ahead to resume normal activity. She continued, I can now go grocery shopping, do laundry, lift things over 20 lbs, and exercise. Funny, I wonder how all of that got done the last four weeks? However, the exercise does intrigue me. She said I could start out with short walks around the block. I actually started elyptical last week just a half hour at top endurance. Though, I have been eating like crazy since Enoch was born. I weigh 14 lbs less than I did before I got pregnant with Enoch. I feel the need to qaulify that statement for my short friends. 14 lbs is not very much at all for a tall person, basically water weight. I would like to loose 40 lbs in the next year. Again to qualify that, this is about 2 dress sizes for me. Not alot, but just get me back to my normal size. I have a few motivators. First, Shawn and Laurie, my sweet brother in-law is marrying my even sweeter sister in-laws sister in-law :) But that is next month. So I need a goal to set for myself for April 24th. The next motivator is another wedding. My sister Allison is getting married in June. Again I need a good goal to set for myself. Just a week after that we are going on a trip to Puerto Rico. There will be a profesional photographer there, and I would like to look good in those pictures, so again this is another short term goal I can work toward. From there I am not sure how to break up the goals to hit the one year mark. However, next year I would like to run the Run for the Lakes Marothon here in Minnesota in April. So, Who knows what kind of goals I should set? Who knows what I should eat, how I should train, and what I should be doing? Those of you who read this blog and know what I should be doing, please respond. I need all the help I can get.
Thanks and lots of love from Minnesota!


ang :o) said...

Those are some great goals. I'll be rooting for you. I don't have much advice, other then what you're doing of having small goals to attain the big one. By the way, 40 pounds would be about 3, maybe four dress sizes for me. :) I'm 5'1".

Thanks for you tips on my blog. River had a reflux until shortly before three months. But she never has projectile. Most of the time it didn't come out of her mouth at all. She'd gum it and swallow it. Gross. :) It hasn't happened since that day either. I'm thinking she just had a tummy ache or maybe even got sick. If it happens again or more frequently, I will definitely wants your help!

jenny~ said...

erica- first i admire you for having such goals. i need to set small obtainable goals myself but never seem to stick with it. im hoping that will change this summer. as far as anything i can recommend i just started doing yoga and its a great low impact workout. it helps to tone and lengthen muscles while burning calories and even better it really only takes 30 minutes a day, and can be done in your own home, i know 30 minutes is alot with a busy family like you have but it might help you out! good luck in your goals. i bought the biggest loser cookbook, if youd like i can email a few of the recipies just let me know. -jenny mccann

Alex and Marie said...

Holy cow--good for you! Losing my baby weight is a very long term thing for me, so I'm jealous you already weigh less than before your pregnancy! I also want to get into running and exercising regularly. It feels so good to be in shape. Can't say that I have any tips except just to DO IT! It's so easy to put it off.