Sunday, June 8, 2008

High Hopes!

In March I began the month with high hopes. I found an article written by Ezra Taft Benson called Mothers in Zion. It was like a ray of sunshine into the bleak out look that I had of motherhood. After reading this beautiful doctrine, I felt like a layer of prejudice against mothers everywhere was being peeled away.
In Sister Becks talk-Mothers who know- she described mothers who attend church and take their children in freshly pressed clothing, and she arrives on time. She also mentioned mothers who become wonderful homemakers. Mothers who love enjoy motherhood. I vowed to be that kind of mother. In April we moved to Minnesota. I happily spent each day pleasantly becoming a homemaker. Then I decided we could save money by changing to cloth diapers, and since I have been so blessed to have a washer and dryer now it will be easy. When I switched to cloth diapers the boys switched to the toilet and I smiled at the freedom my new efficiency was bringing me.
In May I decided to start making our bread. It was an attempt to save money, and increase our nutrients. The bread recipe I use calls for powdered milk so, naturally I switched to powdered milk, as well.
So, now I wash all the diapers by hand and then in the washer, I make our bread, and our milk and wash the pitcher every time it is empty. Yet, I don't have time to iron the shirts or put the clothes away any more. I had been washing my dishes daily, but now I just wash dishes as I need them. I am begining to remember a talk, I am not sure who it is, but I do remember that he said that we should not spend our time doing good things, just the best things. I realize now that being the mother of yester-year is not what the Lord requires of us. He wants us to be good mother who are good examples to our children and help-meets to our spouses. So I think I will give in on a few things, but what am I going to do with all of those cloth diapers...:)