Friday, March 26, 2010


I posted earlier, I am girls camp director. But, I just realized some of what that might entail. You guys, if I have to start a fire and know for sure how to cook food with a crock-pot, I am going to need some practice. Don't tell any one ;) in my ward- because I am really excited but I have never been totally responsible for the out-doorsy stuff that happens at camp-I don't even know if I can set up a tent for myself!

By the way- do you guys remember paying for camp-my girls have to pay 125! Is that ridiculous or what?

Monday, March 22, 2010

I feel like Blogging!

Things I am learning will probably be the topic of the day.
Over achievment
Letting some things go
little by little
when life throws you for a loop
having faith in the midst of trials(Haiti)
Lessons learned from marathoning
I am a marathoner
What do you find when the snow melts
Talks at church (Young Men)

OK, so like I said I want to blog. I have been learning a little bit lately and I want to write about it. I recently went back and read a few of my earlier posts (2 years ago) I laughed at the things I had learned-and am still learning. Maybe I have a broader perspective-but in essence I am still learning the same lessons- like a ripple in the water.
I may be a ripple or two away from the starting off point- but I am still stuck in the endless circle of learning.

I have a job at church- basically I am the party planner for the womens group. We get together once a month to learn, eat, do charitable works, and maintain friendships. I am normally in charge of the food. The wonderful woman I work with normally carries the load as far as what we do on any given night. Last month we did a lesson on the story from the Bible, the 10 virgins. This month was a celebration- 150+ years since the Relief Society was started. So having said that, I have had an eye-opening experience. Last month I prepared 10 courses- that would have been eaten at a wedding feast at the time of Christ. I prepared duck, lamb, stuffed grape leaves, sardines, balled melons, salads, humus, pitas, etc. I served cheese cake and pomegranite juice. This time(Birthday party) I made a vegetable tray This tray was a lot of work!! Then we had cake, fruit trays, meat and cheese trays and drinks. As I was preparing this ridiculous, beautiful, creative, insightful vegetable tray I realized I may have a problem. Much to my own detriment, I may be an over achiever. So, today I spoke with a friend of mine. I talked to her about my feelings. She saw the tray and has known me for 2 years, so she agreed. She is a bit like me- just older-50. So I figured she may have a little bit of wisdom on the subject. I am a, "Yes, I can" kind of person. If some one can do it, I know I can. She is the same. We like to do our best in all we do. But some times the balance can be tricky. I didn't want to give up all creativity. I think I have figured out what to do. If I can ask myself-"Is this something that you really want to do?-Something you can honestly say Yes, I want to do this"-go ahead and do it. My sister-in-law also had a good idea. When I am asked to do something- write down my initial idea, and then think of 2 things harder and two things easier and then choose from a list of 5 things what I should do. Also, remember to ask my self it what I am doing will save souls-that should help to keep it in perspective.

Letting some things go-
So, I have recently been asked to visit a family that goes to our church. As I have gone to visit them I have started to realize what a sheltered and really wonderful life I grew up in. One day when discussing this particular family with our bishop, I asked him How it was possible to raise a family in such circumstances. He said simply- It's Not! This family is so far beyond your wildest dreams-that most of you can not comprehend what they live like. After coming home from their home, I am often grateful to still be alive. But, I also have gained a new perspective on my life. If their are dishes in my sink, if my children watch a movie, if I raise my voice occasionally, if we eat sugar, if I didn't iron the white shirts before church, if I have "let some things go" we are going to be OK. Because, where it really matters, Kissing and Hugging my children, keeping swearing, drugs, violence, out of my home, showing my husband love and respect, and him mutually showing me the same, having rules with consequences and follow through, reading from the scriptures, praying, and spending time together as a family at meal times and specific times during the week- these are all essentials- so it is ok to let some of the minor things go.
Little by Little
We learn from the scriptures that lessons are taught line upon line. As I was speaking to a friend of mine about one of my little guys, and some behavioral problems I was having with him, she mentioned several things that would help. Then she said- implement them one at a time-just ease in to it little by little. It is to hard to change all at once. So once again I am learning patience through learning line upon line.
Again with my little guy we have tried a few approaches to teach him right from wrong and how to calm himself down when situations get intense. One thing my Mom told me was that there is not a magic answer. What really matters is being consistent with the technique you choose. I have often compared having children to training a dog. You can take a dog outside to "do his business" 100 times before he will get the hint that that is where you want it. Children are the same! Saying the same thing over and over to a child starts to wear you down, but if you can keep that same picture of consistency in your brain eventually the child will get the idea.
When life throws you for a loop
So, I have mentioned it a little, but we have had some struggles with our boys- especially in public places ie. church, stores, parking lots
One of our little guys got kicked out of primary- he can only go if Tom or I go with him. my focus of study in college was Family Science. I tried to prepare for this, but as most of you may know by now-preparation for parenthood- is something you really do over your life time- not out of a text book. So, I kind of thought- I have got this in the bag- I am going to be the best mom ever. *Imagine* Little Mom- perfect hair, makeup, clean clothes, shoes, jewelry, apron, smiling children, all leaning over a large bowl of cookie dough helping to make pans of steaming hot cookies- to be delivered in a little red wagon to friendly neighbors all over town. Children politely giving hugs and words of encouragement to elderly while talking only loud enough to be heard then walking right by my side home- following all directions after only being told once. Yep, that is how I imagined it!
So, Now for the Loop :) It has not been like that for me. Yes we make cookies, no my clothes are not clean, no make up, nice hair, or jewelry, yep barefoot!
Kids are smiling as they stuff cookie dough into their mouths, later sword fighting with mixing spoons, this normally ends quickly with time outs and ice packs. By the time the cookies are baked we have enough left for one or two neighbors- and as you can guess the above scenario doesn't go quite as planned. Well anyway- so you can see idealism and realism are 2 different things. My little guy got kicked out of primary and the leader asked us to get some help for him. So, we are now going through evalutions and therapy. I can just say life through me for a loop. This was something I never planned for, and I am riding it through. I trust that Heavenly Father knew him before I did, and he knows what to do for him, better than I do. So when Life throws you a loop, ride it out and see where you end up.
Having faith in the midst of trials
A friend of mine went to Haiti as an interpreter. He worked mainly in the hospitals and tent cities. He saw a lot of death, but he also saw a lot of faith. He described one time when he had the job of telling a Father that his daughter had just passed away. After he told this father, the Father immediately prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for the time he had with his precious daughter, and thanking him for taking her home. Heavenly Father-please let me remember this kind of faith and trust when my time of loss comes.
Lessons learned from marathoning
I realized this week as I ran 12 miles, that a marathon is not like any other race I have ever run. Normally in a race, you would not stop in the middle to use the bathroom, stretch, eat, or drink. But these are all normal marathoning things to do. Just about every 6 miles, you should eat 100 calories- every 3 miles drink water, every 4 miles stretch. What can we learn about life from marathons? If you want to keep going you have to take care of yourself! Spiritually and physically.
I am a marathoner
In the book I am reading about marathoning it says to say- I am a marathoner. So if you ask me, I will say, Yes, I am a marathoner. As I run I say I am a marathoner along with my strides. What does this do for me? Marathoning is mental. So is life. I am a good Mom, I have lots of energy, I am happy, I am a strong, I am a good friend. Those are my important things. Try it- while your doing the dishes.
Have you ever tried 100% pure chocolate? The fragrance is delicious, it is just this beautiful velvety dark color. It is the new health craze- you can eat chocolate as long as it is 100% pure chocolate- you can eat 1 ounce after each work out. So, I bought some. I unwrapped it with mouthwatering anticipation. I took a little nibble. I am glad it was a little one! It was the most bitter appalling thing I have ever eaten. Imagine taking a big bite of cocoa powder. Yep, that is what it tasted like. It got me thinking, you know that is how sin is. If sin was stripped down to the awful wickedness it really was, you would never want to sin. But, when it is packaged nicely and sugar coated all of a sudden it seems quite enticing. Oh Satan is cunning. What has been sugar coated and nicely packaged for you?
What do you find when the snow melts
The snow has melted and revealed last years bags of leaves- forgotten. Last years tree branches abandoned in a fire pit pile. And...250 tulip bulbs lovingly planted in anticipation of the spring shooting their green heads out of the frozen ground. I love the law of the Harvest.
Talks at church (Young Men)
The last 2 weeks in church our deacons (12 and 13 year old boys) have amazed me. First, 2 weeks ago Freddy helped his mom(Spanish speaker) by interpreting her talk. He was so sweet and looked at her with such love. Can my boys please grow up to look at me like that? Second, Josh, this week, he spoke on Honoring mothers and fathers. Wow! this talk was so sweet. speaking of parents who laughed with kids. Never being idle, instilling a work ethic, tickling, and teasing. Can I just once again say-Please let my boys grow up to be like this!!
I love my congregation. What amazing families and love of the gospel I see. Thanks for letting me live in Minnesota right now!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Girls Camp Leader- WOOT WOOT

I am so stinkin' excited. I love the youth, and now I get to be a leader- and stink, sweat, work, play, and pray with five of the strongest teenage girls in the whole world!

Here are some of my brain storming ideas.
Go through camp manual- divide it into days. Also Divide the days up into sections.
Day (A) do the young women theme. So all day girls are working on different projects of the theme. Maybe some kind of rainbow treasure hunt through out the day. Rainbow theme (with Faith, Divine Nature, etc.)
Day (B) "Be Strong" (Youth theme) Possible hike day- with quotes-maybe ropes course, testimony building-blitz day- with camouflage theme
Day (C) Stake Camp theme-Don't know what it is, but I will next month.
Day (D) Bonding day-so maybe bandaid and super glue theme.hmmm. This will be a day when we focus on preparing these 5 girls to take on the other 100,000+ teens in the area, including drugs, violence, gangs, gay rights activists, teen preg issues in their 5 different high schools-by teaching them to stick together and stick to the Savior.
I can't wait!!

Please write in with ideas. I am so excited!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enochs birth story

Yes 14 months later I realize I am behind.
To bad I missed writing this down earlier while the details were fresh. I will do my best.
On Sunday the 25th of January, I decided I could not face another day of inquiry. So, I did the unthinkable-yep I skipped. I stayed home with Hyrum and a made up fever :) Now I realize skipping church is no laughing matter, but I did. I stayed at home and sat in bed. Trying to meditate on ocean waves-why? I was desperately trying to induce labor. I also had a little notebook. With every contraction I wrote down the time. Pleasantly surprised and pleased, I started to see a pattern. 20 minute contractions, then 10 minutes apart etc. So finally Tom got home. He said every one asked about me. Go away I said, with a conch shell at my ear (joke). Finally by 6 I emerged from the bed room, giddy. We are going to have a baby soon, I say!
Well we started to call through our list looking for someone to watch the kids. We got to the last person on the list (10 people) they were all out of town or not answering the phone. We put the boys to bed and prayed for help. Soon after our home teacher called. He had noticed I wasn't it church and just wanted to make sure I was all right. "Well", I say "I am in labor". We are looking for a babysitter to watch the kids so I can go to the hospital. I was about to leave Tom and go by myself. As we hang up with him, one of the ladies we left a message with, called back. She could help, until 6 am. OK, please come over.
We ironed out the details, someone else would come watch the boys, when they took their son in for seminary.
At 10:00 pm we head for the hospital. I check in, and the women at the desk look at me to see if I am being serious. You do not look like your in pain, they say. Well, I am not really in pain, I am just having regular contractions. OK, well we will check you in then, but we will probably be sending you home. So, they check me in and tell me to go walk the stairs. I go walking with Tom. (Oh yah I had group b strep yadah yaddah) so I had to have 4 hours of an antibiotics IV, before I could have Enoch. So I get the IV and go walking. I made one round, around the hospital, when my water broke. How embarrassing! Well, I guess I was just slightly embarrassed. This had never happened to me before, so we went back to see what we should do. The Midwife said, oh that's great- now we know your really in labor. Go walk again. So, I started to go out of the room to go walk, and I knew I could not walk any more. I told Tom to get the nurse and midwife.
They came in and asked where my pain was. A 6 really high for me. Then I told them I felt like pushing. Go ahead and push they say- really? yep. So I did. They complemented me on my corny jokes and light sense of humor. They laughed and I laughed. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I told them, that it hurt. They said, yup. It does. But your strong. I told them I was sorry for letting out a little yelp at one point. They said I was calm. After about 45 minutes of pushing, joking,and I think maybe a little crying (Tom?), Enoch came out, the wrong way! silly guy. That is what took so long. Normally its 3 pushes and I am done. So at 1 AM roughly we had our 4th little guy. I do remember being in love with him, and feeling really good about the way I handled actual labor. The nurse and midwife had let me dictate exactly what I wanted. I felt confident in my body and alive with excitement to be a mom to this sweet little guy. I also felt this sort of mother bear instinct( not that I growled, just a natural feeling of protecting my little guy). The nurse could sense it and shewed all help away, saying they could do the tests later. They shewed the help a way so quickly that they gave him to me all wrapped up, without a diaper :) I held him and fed him, and cuddled him. I don't think he spent one second in that plastic box(except with his check ups from nurses and pediatricians). I was very happy. Because we didn't get the 4 hours of antibiotics, we had to stay 48 hours. I joke to Tom that my stays at the hospital are the only vacation I ever get :) Someone comes and feeds me, makes sure I am alive and changes my sheets. However, like most vacations, they get old after a while, and you are ready to be home.
Tom took the first week off, and stayed home with us. At the end of the first week my mom came out and stayed with us. We saw Mall of America, the Minnesota chamber orchestra, The children museum, and the worlds largest indoor shark tank(also at M of A), and a hot air balloon festival all while mom was here. The boys loved having mom here and I loved sleeping/showering in peace! Mom took the boys out to sled and play. We all had a blast. So there yah go Enochs baby story.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A womans purse

"They say you can learn a lot by looking at the contents of a woman's purse." quote Incredible's
Well today I was rummaging through my purse, and realized how comedic it really is.

What does my purse say about me?

You never know when you might want to just break down and play with a toy!
The camera is best hidden in my purse amongst the toys.
I am too cool for a diaper bag
Yep .26 cents-I am poor!

That about says it!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Things are Happening

I am having a good spurt in my life. The Sun is shining, the snow is melting, I am running, Seth is doing well in school, Gabe's behavior is improving, Hyrum and Enoch are getting along great. What more could I ask for? Well other than I lost 17 lbs, fit back in to my junior prom dress, and wedding dress, and almost got registered for a marathon that is going to be perfect for me.
Like I said good spurt.
Oh yeah- got my own debit card with my own name on it, that matches my own drivers license with my own name on it. And there is money in that account and I am saving 10% of that money. All our bills are paid for the month and we are making progress on the house. The boys are devouring the Box car children series. I am planning a trip to Idaho to see my friend get married and run a marathon while I am there. I think :)
Did I mention that drips were pouring off the roof tops today? Yeah very good spurt.

Thank You Heavenly Father
Gordon B. Hinkley says:
Some years ago I clipped from the Deseret News a column by Jenkin Lloyd Jones, who said, in part: "There seems to be a superstition among many thousands of our young who hold hands . . . in the drive-ins that marriage is a cottage surrounded by perpetual hollyhocks, to which a perpetually young and handsome husband comes home to a perpetually young and beautiful wife. When the hollyhocks wither and boredom and bills appear, the divorce courts are jammed. . . . Life is like an old-time rail journey--delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride."

Thank You Heavenly Father for the occasional beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed, and thank you for the ride!