Sunday, March 14, 2010

Girls Camp Leader- WOOT WOOT

I am so stinkin' excited. I love the youth, and now I get to be a leader- and stink, sweat, work, play, and pray with five of the strongest teenage girls in the whole world!

Here are some of my brain storming ideas.
Go through camp manual- divide it into days. Also Divide the days up into sections.
Day (A) do the young women theme. So all day girls are working on different projects of the theme. Maybe some kind of rainbow treasure hunt through out the day. Rainbow theme (with Faith, Divine Nature, etc.)
Day (B) "Be Strong" (Youth theme) Possible hike day- with quotes-maybe ropes course, testimony building-blitz day- with camouflage theme
Day (C) Stake Camp theme-Don't know what it is, but I will next month.
Day (D) Bonding day-so maybe bandaid and super glue theme.hmmm. This will be a day when we focus on preparing these 5 girls to take on the other 100,000+ teens in the area, including drugs, violence, gangs, gay rights activists, teen preg issues in their 5 different high schools-by teaching them to stick together and stick to the Savior.
I can't wait!!

Please write in with ideas. I am so excited!!

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ang :o) said...

wow. you will be so great at this! if i think of anything i'll pass it along!