Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enochs birth story

Yes 14 months later I realize I am behind.
To bad I missed writing this down earlier while the details were fresh. I will do my best.
On Sunday the 25th of January, I decided I could not face another day of inquiry. So, I did the unthinkable-yep I skipped. I stayed home with Hyrum and a made up fever :) Now I realize skipping church is no laughing matter, but I did. I stayed at home and sat in bed. Trying to meditate on ocean waves-why? I was desperately trying to induce labor. I also had a little notebook. With every contraction I wrote down the time. Pleasantly surprised and pleased, I started to see a pattern. 20 minute contractions, then 10 minutes apart etc. So finally Tom got home. He said every one asked about me. Go away I said, with a conch shell at my ear (joke). Finally by 6 I emerged from the bed room, giddy. We are going to have a baby soon, I say!
Well we started to call through our list looking for someone to watch the kids. We got to the last person on the list (10 people) they were all out of town or not answering the phone. We put the boys to bed and prayed for help. Soon after our home teacher called. He had noticed I wasn't it church and just wanted to make sure I was all right. "Well", I say "I am in labor". We are looking for a babysitter to watch the kids so I can go to the hospital. I was about to leave Tom and go by myself. As we hang up with him, one of the ladies we left a message with, called back. She could help, until 6 am. OK, please come over.
We ironed out the details, someone else would come watch the boys, when they took their son in for seminary.
At 10:00 pm we head for the hospital. I check in, and the women at the desk look at me to see if I am being serious. You do not look like your in pain, they say. Well, I am not really in pain, I am just having regular contractions. OK, well we will check you in then, but we will probably be sending you home. So, they check me in and tell me to go walk the stairs. I go walking with Tom. (Oh yah I had group b strep yadah yaddah) so I had to have 4 hours of an antibiotics IV, before I could have Enoch. So I get the IV and go walking. I made one round, around the hospital, when my water broke. How embarrassing! Well, I guess I was just slightly embarrassed. This had never happened to me before, so we went back to see what we should do. The Midwife said, oh that's great- now we know your really in labor. Go walk again. So, I started to go out of the room to go walk, and I knew I could not walk any more. I told Tom to get the nurse and midwife.
They came in and asked where my pain was. A 6 really high for me. Then I told them I felt like pushing. Go ahead and push they say- really? yep. So I did. They complemented me on my corny jokes and light sense of humor. They laughed and I laughed. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I told them, that it hurt. They said, yup. It does. But your strong. I told them I was sorry for letting out a little yelp at one point. They said I was calm. After about 45 minutes of pushing, joking,and I think maybe a little crying (Tom?), Enoch came out, the wrong way! silly guy. That is what took so long. Normally its 3 pushes and I am done. So at 1 AM roughly we had our 4th little guy. I do remember being in love with him, and feeling really good about the way I handled actual labor. The nurse and midwife had let me dictate exactly what I wanted. I felt confident in my body and alive with excitement to be a mom to this sweet little guy. I also felt this sort of mother bear instinct( not that I growled, just a natural feeling of protecting my little guy). The nurse could sense it and shewed all help away, saying they could do the tests later. They shewed the help a way so quickly that they gave him to me all wrapped up, without a diaper :) I held him and fed him, and cuddled him. I don't think he spent one second in that plastic box(except with his check ups from nurses and pediatricians). I was very happy. Because we didn't get the 4 hours of antibiotics, we had to stay 48 hours. I joke to Tom that my stays at the hospital are the only vacation I ever get :) Someone comes and feeds me, makes sure I am alive and changes my sheets. However, like most vacations, they get old after a while, and you are ready to be home.
Tom took the first week off, and stayed home with us. At the end of the first week my mom came out and stayed with us. We saw Mall of America, the Minnesota chamber orchestra, The children museum, and the worlds largest indoor shark tank(also at M of A), and a hot air balloon festival all while mom was here. The boys loved having mom here and I loved sleeping/showering in peace! Mom took the boys out to sled and play. We all had a blast. So there yah go Enochs baby story.


Alex and Marie said...

Wow! That's amazing how well you handle labor! Good for you!

Catherine Cazier said...

wow that is great. I watched a few births on youtube before I had Xijvien, since I was planning to go all natural for the first time. I was impressed how all the ones I watched the women we calm and talking between contracts asif this was a normal thing. So I thought I was all prepared and such. I wish I had handled myself so well as you. James pretty much held me down to keep me on the bed everyone telling me to breath before I passed out from holding my breath, like that was going to take the pain away. The doctor even had to tell me to shut up, pretty sad I know. So congrats!! I think we will have more kids but I will never go natural on purpose again. So congrats for doing it all on your own. For me it was the most horrible 22 mins. of my life. I guess I am grateful it wasn't longer than that.

renae nelson kingsley said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing your story! I did natural labor/delivery for my first two and was traumatized too much to bear it again. My babies always come out posterior, so I have back labor.

You're such an awesome woman!