Thursday, March 31, 2011

Uhm, really a Chinese Cabbage?

Yep, that is the size of sweet little Eve. At least that is what those crazy baby due date calendars say!
Take a close look. I am thinking of going to the store and posing with one of these babies- teehee pun intended.
We are at 28 weeks.
I think I need to set up a list to make sure I can manage all of the projects I have to get done before she debuts.
Week 28- Lovely Wonderful General Conference Weekend! Run a Triathlon-Hooray!
Week 29-Paint the new Master Bedroom
Week 30-Move all the furniture up to the new master bedroom- Find a comforter that is both masculine and graceful and matches the fresh paint!
Week 31-Garden Preparations #2 birthday
Week 32-Paint new guest room- Have house sprayed for Ants.
Week 33-arrange furniture in new guest room -Go to Texas
Week 34- find a mattress for #3. paint Eve's room and find a crib for Eve- Love Craigslist free stuff!- Back from Texas
Week 35- Paint kitchen -#1's birthday
Week 36- put up wainscoting in Kitchen
Week 37- take down wall paper in bathroom and paint (try to find cute mirror and new pedestal sink on craigslist free stuff
Week 38- Finish built in Book shelves in hall and between dining room and kitchen
Week 39 find a dresser for Eves clothes. Move all the Home school stuff to the ?? Uhh Basement? #3's birthday
Week 40 Get Tom to paint my toenails, pack hospital bag, find a car seat, choose a come home from the hospital out-fit
Lets be honest here
Week 41 Wish I was at Nauvoo with my Girls!! Hoe all the weeds out of Garden enjoy the rest of the strawberry crop
Week 42 Play the waiting game and eat lots of spicy food!!

This looks like way too much! Maybe I will just stay in bed for a few more months and cuddle my baby when she gets here! Who needs fresh paint any way.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Super Heros

Who do you call, when your house is a mess and your rib is out?
Where do you turn when natural disaster in the form of #4 hits your Living Room?
Bet you wish you had these handy Heroes around, huh!
"faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound"
#5 does not know what she is getting herself in to!