Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mi Vida Loca!

Long time no see. I can't remember if I posted about this already, but #2 has a sensory processing disorder. We have been taking him to therapy, and the brushing technique that they showed us, has made a world of difference. Taking my tiger and turning him into a cuddly kitten. We do therapy twice a week. On therapy days, he runs down the stairs singing "I get to go to therapy!" Other things have improved. He gets dressed with out a struggle most days. Most days he dosn't yell as much. Most days he is more like the other boys. This is after one month of therapy. I am just so pleased! I haven't had a call from the teacher in weeks. Great job #2
#3 is in preschool. He is so happy to ride the bus, eat at school, and make friends. #4 and I go in 3 times a week to volunteer and help with the small group activities. There are 16 kids, and usually about 4 adults. It has been really nice for me to see where #3 falls in terms of behavior. He does great during play time and the small group activities. He does really well during the "good morning" large group circle time. But, he has a hard time during the "good bye" circle time. He seems to be getting better though.
#1 is loving school! Usually he does his homework without being reminded, because he has friends that come knocking at 4:00 sharp to play. The rule at our house, is you can't play until the work is done. So, jobs, reading, and homework all need to be finished. I love that his friends come over to play with him, it is such a great motivator!! All of the 2nd graders and up, here, get tested at the start, middle, and end of every year. They found out he was ahead in math and behind in reading. So, they put him in an intervention program- to catch him up. He just graduated. I learned alot from the program, too. I didn't realize that I should have him read books that were simple for him. I thought I should challenge him. They say, that they should be able to read all but 4 words in the book, otherwise it is to hard. So for a while Seth went back to the original books that he first read. But, now, just a month later he is into the box car children and loving it!
#2 is also in reading intervention. I think it has more to do with behavior than anything else, but I am sure he will get it sorted. Until then, I don't mind that he gets the extra one on one attention.
I just got asked to be the nursery leader. Four kids later I was surprised to find that I do not have a talent for teaching 14 1-3 year olds! Who knew?! I was shocked when I realized this. And very overwhelmed! This is the hardest job I have ever had, and I have so much to learn. I know the Lord wants me to make this the best experience for these kiddos. What a job!
We have all been sick for the last couple weeks. But, I think we are on the mend. Today I get to go to #3's class and help. After words, we take #2 to Therapy. When we get home from that, I am going to lunch with the Fast Wives. This evening we have a date with the plumber to pull something out of the toilet. Tomorrow I clean the house till it shines, because on Friday we have 4 teenage boys staying here for a church activity. Saturday is the leadership meeting, and Sunday the primary program. I am so grateful for the Sabbath! It is so wonderful to have a day of rest from mi vida loca!