Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring AKA The ants go marching

Spring has sprung at our house. The sunshine called our names. We all ran outside in 3 fewer layers than we have worn all year. Lovely spring. Wonderful mud. Freedom in flip-flops. Bonfires. Garden plans. Yard work. and Bugs! Yep it is that season again.
There is nothing like an ant marching through your living room at 10:00 at night to inspire you to a spring clean! Last night battling all odds, with the little ones tucked in bed, we cleaned the entire main floor of the house, hopefully staving off those foragers until the bug man can get over here and spray.
We have another motivation for spring cleaning around here. Every time it rains the basement floods. And, the other day we got our first spring rain. So, we mopped the basement. I am starting to wonder if spring cleaning didn't first come about because of these seasonal changes.
So, the house is all clean for spring, and in order to keep it that way, I intend to spend as much time as possible out side.
We have big plans for our yard this year. Several raised garden boxes are in the works. A solar powered water feature is on the dream board. The boys have even cooked up something major, our very own neighborhood park with a mansion in the tree.
Yes spring is here, so bring on the farmer tan, because vitamin D here I come!