Monday, May 30, 2011

Way to go Daddy!

Today Hubbin ran his first 5K. His company encourages a healthy lifestyle. Each year members of Hubbins team run in several 5K's to compete with other teams. The idea is to have the most individual runs per team. Hubbin ran with 3 team members today, and did very well. He attributes his success to 9th grade cross country and last octobers 1 training run, that ended in a 6 week pneumonia. Of course I am a little jealous that he can up and run a 5K without training, but mostly I am just proud of him. The boys yelled and yelled for him. They claimed him the winner and tackled him with flying hugs. Great Job Daddy!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Freaky Friday

I was planning on putting the garden in today, but I found something else to do. A quick 7 hour trip to the emergency room. #2 fell off the slide at recess. Luckily I was at the school, so after a quick assessment from the paramedics, I took him to the ER.
Here is a little video, of my poor #2

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Remember this list?

Week 28- Lovely Wonderful General Conference Weekend! Run a Triathlon-Hooray! (check)
Week 29-Paint the new Master Bedroom (check)
Week 30-Move all the furniture up to the new master bedroom- Find a comforter that is both masculine and graceful and matches the fresh paint! (We don't really need a new comforter yet, but furniture is up stairs)
Week 31-Garden Preparations #2 birthday (check)
Week 32-Paint new guest room- Have house sprayed for Ants. (check)
Week 33-arrange furniture in new guest room -Go to Texas (check)
Week 34- find a mattress for #3. paint Eve's room and find a crib for Eve- Love Craigslist free stuff!- (check)
Week 35- Paint kitchen (Baby Shower)
Week 36- put up wainscoting in Kitchen
Week 37- take down wall paper in bathroom and paint (try to find cute mirror and new pedestal sink on craigslist free stuff
Week 38- Finish built in Book shelves in hall and between dining room and kitchen
Week 39 find a dresser for Eves clothes. Move all the Home school stuff to the ?? Uhh Basement? #3's birthday (check)
Week 40 Get Tom to paint my toenails, pack hospital bag, find a car seat, choose a come home from the hospital out-fit for baby
Lets be honest here
Week 41 Hoe all the weeds out of Garden enjoy the rest of the strawberry crop
Week 42 Play the waiting game and eat lots of spicy food!! Induction July 17th
OK, so I am not doing to bad! Thats good. I was at 34 weeks on Sunday. I plan to paint the kitchen today. I didn't realize I was ahead of schedule. I still need to get the garden in to the ground. But, hoeing is so hard. I will have to get something figured out. I need to get that in before Saturday. #1 will be baptized on Saturday and Hubbin is helping friends move, so hmm. I guess I will do the garden tomorrow.
What else?
possibly make some frozen meals
cut all the boys hair
spray the apple trees, weekly for the rest of the summer
sign boys up for free summer camp- last week of june
look into a lawn care company
move the trampoline
build a fence around the yard
de-junk the basement
find a good homeschool curriculum for the summer
Organize the fabric closet
deep clean the piano and serving table
paint the dining room
new ceiling fans in all the rooms
new lighting in bathroom
paint loft
schedule the ants to be sprayed while we are gone to Idaho
work out #1's scouting and primary stuff for summer
put #2 in a yoga or karate class
Teach #3 to read
No more potty accidents for #4

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not quite sure

I went to my Doctors appointment yesterday. I realized that I have been off on my due date all along. I am not due until July 3rd. Crazy!! So that gives me two extra weeks to tick stuff off my list. Good! Because- I got a little behind.
However, Yesterday when she measured me I measured at 38 weeks. My LMP date is a little shaky. It could have been a miscarriage or it could have been spotting. So, when am I due? Eve only knows. I am hoping for the July 4th weekend. That would be awesome! Hubbin will have the weekend off any way. He can stay home with me. Then we can add his paternity leave to our vacation and go home for a little longer. Sounds so good to me!
I have traditionally been a week late. So, I may have the baby around the 10th of July. But, I always have measured spot on. So I may only have 3 weeks left. Oh the uncertainty of it all!
By the way, I lost 5 lbs. since last appointment, even though baby has gained 2. Hmm. Doctor said Baby feels like she is about 3.5 lbs. which according to the due date calc. means I am only at 30 weeks- and I still have 11 weeks to go. Which is August 4th. After writing this, I have come to the conclusion that it would have been easier to be a pioneer. With out all of this information . It would have been easier to just say a summer baby, and leave it at that. Surviving daily trials and going in to labor while making a loaf of bread or scrubbing the kitchen floor or better yet walking across the plains. OK, so maybe I always wish that I was a pioneer(not just when I am pregnant), but still I think I may have to much information on my hands!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I love you Babe! I don't know why you only get a post once a year, or so, but I love you. Did you know that? Some times I forget to tell you. Some times I forget to show you. Did you know that I think your awesome? Did you know that I think about you during the day? I do. I think about you when I put my dishes away in my neatly labeled cupboards. I think about you when I pick up your socks and move them 3 feet to the left-into the laundry basket. I think about you when I lay down for a nap and smell you on the pillow. I think about you when I type on your computer. At 4:00 I think about you, and know that I will see you soon. At 5:05 when you come, handsomely, striding out to the car, my heart leaps and I feel like running to throw my arms around your neck and kiss you. But, I don't. I sit there. Last night when we talked about going on a date, I tried to remember the last time we went on a date. We went to the temple a couple weeks ago- does that count? We went to a fancy formal dinner last week. Does that count? Before that It may have been back in December, when we went out on an actual date. Lets go on a date, O.K.? I watched a silly chick flick last night. The plot-also silly- went as follows. A girl has a list. The list has all the things she is looking for in a future husband. Her challenge is to find that man and write about her success. Do you remember that I had a list?
I thought about it last night. Do you remember what was on my list?
I can't remember all of them 9 years will do that to yah!
Here are a few.
Beautiful singing voice.
Play the piano
Ask the wall flowers to dance
return missionary
eagle scout
willing to do the dishes
feast on the scriptures
temple attender
great with kids
from a big family
from a farm
serving heart
Smiling eyes

That is about all I remember. As I watched you help the boys rebuild the garden tonight-I loved you for the father that you are. As I listen to you down stairs at this very minute serenading me, I love you. When you said, I would rather be home with my family, then hanging out with the guys after work, I loved you. When I watch you make dinner, I love you. When you read to our kids every night, I love you.
So I love you. Thats all I wanted to say.