Friday, May 13, 2011


I love you Babe! I don't know why you only get a post once a year, or so, but I love you. Did you know that? Some times I forget to tell you. Some times I forget to show you. Did you know that I think your awesome? Did you know that I think about you during the day? I do. I think about you when I put my dishes away in my neatly labeled cupboards. I think about you when I pick up your socks and move them 3 feet to the left-into the laundry basket. I think about you when I lay down for a nap and smell you on the pillow. I think about you when I type on your computer. At 4:00 I think about you, and know that I will see you soon. At 5:05 when you come, handsomely, striding out to the car, my heart leaps and I feel like running to throw my arms around your neck and kiss you. But, I don't. I sit there. Last night when we talked about going on a date, I tried to remember the last time we went on a date. We went to the temple a couple weeks ago- does that count? We went to a fancy formal dinner last week. Does that count? Before that It may have been back in December, when we went out on an actual date. Lets go on a date, O.K.? I watched a silly chick flick last night. The plot-also silly- went as follows. A girl has a list. The list has all the things she is looking for in a future husband. Her challenge is to find that man and write about her success. Do you remember that I had a list?
I thought about it last night. Do you remember what was on my list?
I can't remember all of them 9 years will do that to yah!
Here are a few.
Beautiful singing voice.
Play the piano
Ask the wall flowers to dance
return missionary
eagle scout
willing to do the dishes
feast on the scriptures
temple attender
great with kids
from a big family
from a farm
serving heart
Smiling eyes

That is about all I remember. As I watched you help the boys rebuild the garden tonight-I loved you for the father that you are. As I listen to you down stairs at this very minute serenading me, I love you. When you said, I would rather be home with my family, then hanging out with the guys after work, I loved you. When I watch you make dinner, I love you. When you read to our kids every night, I love you.
So I love you. Thats all I wanted to say.

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Teresa said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I need to remind my husband of how much I appreciate him. Thanks for sharing.