Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Donuts and orange juice

This morning number 2 cuddled up to me in bed. He was all ready for school, and waiting for breakfast. I was just enjoying snuggling with him. He even got to feel number 5 "saying hi". It was a good morning. Not rushed. Finally we got up. We went out to the kitchen to find some breakfast.
Last night after a last minute carnival meeting for the PTO, I stopped by the store. I picked up some cupcakes for number 3's "un-birthday". While I was there I bought some donuts as well. A couple days ago I found half gallons of OJ for $1 a piece. I had those on hand.
Number 2 had a donut and a glass of OJ for breakfast. He started with the donut and half way through took a drink of OJ. He said it was "SOUR" and I forgot to add the sugar. We talked about how life is like that. If we always have it easy, then when we have something hard come in to our lives it will taste extra bitter. But, the OJ was actually the only part of the breakfast that helped us grow. And after drinking the orange juice, the donut tasted even sweeter. Number 2 then related that to "Lehi's Dream" found here- http://seminary.lds.org/manuals/book-of-mormon-seminary-student-study-guide/bm-ssg-02-1ne-1-6.asp
He mentioned how some people already tasted the sweet fruit, and wanted others to taste it. But, the only way to get to the sweet fruit was to do hard things. Some people chose not to do the hard things. Some people did all the hard things, tasted the sweet fruit, and then gave it up to try something that looked sweeter but wasn't.
Then number 2 reminded me that our AMAZING Aunt/sister-in-law is "tasting the sour" (she has breast cancer) but it is helping her to be able to enjoy the "sweet" even more.

Lesson learned
-God gave us families to help become what he wants us to be
-eating meals together-even if it is just a donut- is worth it!
-6 year olds are full of great wisdom
-family scripture study actually does sink in- even hanging from the curtains and free falling from the top of the couch.
-praying for others increases awareness of blessings and our loving Father in Heavens hand in our lives
-you can learn a lot by starting with dessert- no wonder I am so smart ;)

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Veralyn said...

What a cool little lesson :)