Friday, October 23, 2009

Twila Adamson

I am excited to write this post about my Grandma Twila. Her birthday was October 14th 1931, and her wedding anniversary is this month- Halloween day. As well as passing away October 27 2003. Because of this, I cannot help but have her in my mind and heart.
I grew up living just a fence away from my beloved grandma. One of my earliest memories of Grandma is when I was running over to her house for a visit. I went bare foot, and I stepped on a bee on the way over. It was my first time getting a bee sting. Grandma lovingly put me on her couch, and put a baking soda paste on my sting. Then she pulled the stinger out.
I remember another time I stayed at Grandmas house. I had a bad dream, and couldn't go back to sleep. Grandma woke up and came in to check on me. I told her I had had a bad dream. She said, "You know what?" "I just got a movie, that I have been wanting to watch, do you want to watch it with me?" of course I wanted to, so we got up at 3AM, to watch Mrs. Arris goes to Paris. We often played late night games of checkers, Chinese checkers, and card games. She would also talk late into the night about her mom and dad and sisters.
Grandma was asked to teach early morning seminary my Junior year. I was always so amazed and surprised how nervous it made her. She studied every spare moment to prepare the lessons. She loved each of her students. She would often ask me if I had any ideas of how to get through to one student or another. I heard her pray for each student individually. I also knew that she changed her teaching style, to try and reach the students she was "loosing". Just a couple years ago I had the opportunity to do one of my friends hair for her wedding. When I was doing it, she said-"You know your Grandma said she would be at my wedding...and I know she will be there today." I didn't know that the other seminary students loved her as much as she loved them-but I don't know why I am surprised-she is wonderful!
When I was growing up, I can remember that Grandma was the Relief Society President for a while. I remember that meaning quite a few funerals. She was always making a cake or a dinner for someone. She always had to run to the church to set up or take down from a funeral. I can often remember her saying..."I always cry when I am mad, sad, glad." She wore her heart on her sleeve and we all loved her for it. I think this may have been when she perfected her dinner roll recipe- and they were perfect!
Grandma had a really long telephone cord. She was often talking to someone on the phone. She loved to talk to her daughters. I can still remember how she answered the phone-with sort of a country girl accent..."Hallow". What a happy sound that was.
I spent a lot of time with Grandma, and that meant cleaning her house often. I remember one time I was cleaning her bathrooms. I was trying to hurry so she would say what a fast cleaner I was. When I got done, she took me into the bathroom and showed me the streaks. I especially remember how dirty the faucets still looked. She said, "Erika, if your going to do a job, you might as well do it right the first time." I told her I was trying to do it fast, so she would be proud of me. She said she would be proud of me if I took my time and did it right. After that I always tried to pay careful attention to the details and do everything I did the right way the first time.
When it came to cooking, Grandma taught me much. She taught me how to make bread, candy, salads, applesauce, jam, and jelly. She taught me how to garden. I remember picking strawberries, raspberries, and apples with her. I loved to be in her company, no matter what we were doing. The only thing I didn't really like was when I had to vacuum, because I couldn't talk to her when I was vacuuming.
Grandma had a "Crystal" brush. I smile to think back on it now, realizing that it was only clear plastic, but then I thought it was crystal. We would love to brush Grandma's hair. She was so funny, she would start to fall asleep as soon as we started brushing. She would say-"Oh, don't stop, that feels so good!" So we would brush for as long as she would hold still.
I could go on forever about all of my memories with this wonderful woman. Maybe I will just stop after 3. Grandma loved to swim. During the summer, she would often have to go to pick up parts in Twin for the shop. She took me with her quite a bit. We would always stop at the pool in Shoshone for a quick swim so she could get in her exercise for weight watchers. Then we would go to the snack bar for a shake and some tots. Oh how I loved this cheerful lady.
Grandma started decorating for Christmas right after Halloween. Out comes the tree, up with the decorations, the lights, the nativity, the clock, toys, circus, village, train, music, outdoor lights, snow men, signs, outdoor nativity, and decorations for the shop. Grandma and Grandpa would joke that they saved all there money to pay the electric bill during the Christmas season. I still remember listening to Bing Crosby singing "Silver Bells", while setting up the little carousel. Grandma passed away just before Halloween, and we decorated her house for Christmas that year. Some things that Grandpa would tease her about being a little over the top-The toys and especially the Christmas clock that would chime a carol every hour- are still up and lovingly cared for now, as a constant reminder of this special woman.
The last memory I want to share of Grandma, is a dear one. I remember one time, when one of our relatives was getting married. We were having a shower for her, and Grandma took us in to the boys bedroom to show us a night gown that she had bought for her. It was pretty with pink lace. It must have been kind of a sexy little night gown, because after everyone walked out of the room, Grandma took me aside, and said, "Erika, I never want to buy a nightgown like this for you." "I want you to get married in the temple. I want more for you than this, OK?" I said OK.
My only wish on most days, is to be able to call Grandma and ask her advice for one reason or another. If I am ever having an especially rough day, I wonder to myself what Grandma must be thinking of me and I try to buck up and do a little better. I can not smell fresh baked bread, hear a smoke alarm, or eat homemade fudge with out remembering one of my favorite elect ladies.
Thanks for taking so much time out for me Grandma- Tenho saudades de voce