Sunday, April 25, 2010

Top 100 Dreams

1 Run a marathon (check)
2 Go to Europe
3 Go to Nauvoo
4 All my children happy and healthy
5 Write a Book "funny mommy days"
6 Keep whole house spotless for a week
7 No children in diapers
8 Loose 39 lbs
9 Find someone
10 Paint a masterpiece
11 Relate to someone on an intelligent level
12 Masters
13 Doctorate degree
14 Save my way to a million
15 Teach #2 (done) and #3 to read proficiently
16 Pay off all debt in 5 years
17 Sit through Sacrament meeting happily (check)
18 pull off a successful Girls camp (check)
19 Travel to
great wall of china
20 pyramids of Egypt
21 go inside a real castle
22 help with Aides in Africa
23 teach hygiene in India
24 help orphans in China
25 learn more, to help with poverty in south
26 Memorize the declaration of Independence
27 Stop "baby momma syndrome"
28 serve a mission
29 or two
30 or three
31 temple mission
32 or two
33 or three
34 spoil my grand kids with cookie making and housecleaning
35 teach my kids to be financially savvy
36 Teach Russians to smile
37 be an advocate for mothers and families (check)
38 have all my children graduate with a bachelors without debt
39 learn to balance my time- so I can finish each day with a smile knowing that I did my best
40 go on a week long bike trip with my family
41 do a triathlon (check)
42 memorize 5 poems
43 read 2 c.s. lewis books
44 make my husband feel like the best man in the world
45 teach the boys how to provide for their families
46 teach my girls to proficiently mother, budget, feed, clean, and nurture their families
47 No empty seats
48 make a garden oasis in my backyard
49 learn to dry wall
50 learn to restore hard wood floors
51 decorate my home
52 keep my car clean (uh its clean right now, does that count?)
53 memorize all scripture mastery's
54 sew my next dress
55 teach early morning seminary
56 read the standard works and all past conference issues before I am 30
57 consistently wake up at 6 ( I changed my mind :) )
58 1 year supply
59 6 month emergency fund
60 weekly date with Honey
61 weekly FHE (check)
62 Nightly scripture study (and morning, check)
63 2 a day family prayers
64 consistently go to bed at 10
65 drive to Boston and see the historical sites along the way
66 go to canada
67 go to samoa
68 go to tonga
69 listen to the islanders sing as much as possible (check)
70 plant rasberry bushes (check)
71 never have a bad day
72 create a family history book that goes back 5 generations full of stories and pictures
73 watch my thoughts always! no gossiping even in my mind
74 buy a farm in Idaho
75 build a house for the kids to visit us in
76 go where he wants us to go
77 carve a figure out of wood
78 get a yearly family picture
79 make a cd with Tom
80 or two
81 or three
82 learn basic car maintenance- no more paying for oil changes! wahoo!
83 be content but not complacent
84 swim with a dolphin
85 make 1000 quilts to give away
86 help make our parents retirements happy
87 Retire with dignity
88 don't let anything from the garden go to waste this summer!
89 teach Hyrum to quite sucking his thumb
90 Teach Gabriel to quite screaming
91 recycle
92 Go to Brazil
93 speak fluent portugese
94 speak fluent spanish
95 play in a family band or sing in a family choir at a concert
96 make curtains for each room- or buy them- but get them up before we move
97 adopt a child -no age requirement
98 foster parent
99 eat a fresh mango
100 eat a chocolate fruit: Black Sapote