Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nice weather we are having, Dear!

Well, all week long we have been looking forward to the Christmas breakfast at church. It is so fun, and the food is so yummy, and to top it off Santa clause comes. Well, last night at 5:00 we got the call that the breakfast had been canceled-due to the weather. Bummer! Then, we looked outside, the skies were clear. Tom and I laughed. We couldn't believe they would cancel for snowy conditions 15 hours early, when there was no snow in sight. Ahh well, we decided we would enjoy sleeping in anyway. Then, I got on the internet to see what all the fuss was about. They were predicting a 14 inch dump, high winds, and freezing temperatures. So, Tom and I decided to wait and see. The weather man did not disappoint! We got 21 inches. Our temperature with the wind chill is negative 20, and the wind blew all day. Tom is a human snow plow. I mean the man can shovel! But, today when he went out to shovel all of the forces of nature were against him. He shoveled off the side walk, and 10 seconds later I saw that it was covered with about 3 inches (the wind was drifting it). Then, I looked back out the window, and it was clear again-more wind! On the 5:00 news we saw that they pulled all of the plows in our county off the roads until the conditions improve. We got an email from the news man at church, saying church is canceled! When I went out to help Tom with the shoveling, all I could think of was "Nice weather we are having, Dear!"
We giggle a little about how much people talk about the weather here, but this year Minnesota gave us all something to talk about! This is the worst weather year since 1991. I am proud to be a part of it. With the bad weather comes offers of meals, neighbors plowing other neighbors out, people offering to pick up groceries, and general care and concern among every one you meet. What a perfect way to put us all in the Christmas spirit!! Keep it coming Minnesota winter- give us all something to talk about and a reason to reach out to our neighbors.