Monday, December 8, 2014

Scripture Study and Motherhood

As a mother my scripture study has gone up and down in consistency.  Some times I do well and other times I struggle.  Now that I am a mother of 6 I feel like there is little time for myself.  From time to time I have attempted getting up earlier and earlier only to inadvertently wake a baby or need to immediately care for a toddler.  As I pondered the problem I wondered what I would do.  Would there ever be a time again when I could meet the Father in study and prayer?

I went to a class one night, where I heard the teacher ask us to think of times in the scriptures when the Savior showed us that he kept his covenants.  As I pondered the question instantly the story of the Savior in the Garden with Mary Magdalene, came to my mind.  Mary was in the garden crying.  She was seeking comfort.  The Savior loved her so much, that he came to her to comfort her.  "Mary" he said.  She turned around, "Teacher".  She felt great comfort.  She must have gone toward him.  because he said, "Touch me not for I am not yet ascended to my Father".
Christ wanted to love and comfort this woman that he cared so much for.  He came to her.  He let her see him.  He had more pressing business with the Father.  As mothers we can comfort those that need comfort and then, like our Savior, continue on to the Father.
This has made such a difference to me.  Don't get distracted from your journey to the Father.  You can return to your little flock when your finished.

Renew your efforts.  Ascend to the Father.  I know the Lord will bless your efforts.
with love