Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am so blessed!

I have no anecdotes or thought provoking things to say. I just wanted to make a record of how happy I am at this moment in my life, so I can always remember it.
I guess I should maybe start with my take on why I am so happy.
First, During our General Conference-A gathering of members of the church world wide to hear the words of our Modern Day prophet, I had the strong impression that increasing my temple attendance would increase my capacity. I knew that this was the Lords promise to me that if I attended the temple I would become the person I wanted to be. Keep in mind that prior to this prompting, I was falling short, wondering where most people got the time to do all that was required for survival. I decided to listen to this prompting, and take Heavenly Father at his word.
Since then I have attended the temple weekly. I am not sure that my "trials" have lessened, but I think my understanding of them has increased. I have gained more patience with my children. A greater desire for love and quiet in our home. And an increased capacity to help my husband be happy and become a better protector and provider and presider of our home and family.
Second, the sun is shining! Because the sun is shining we have been outside everyday. We have worked in the garden, mowed the lawn, visited the nature center, rode our bikes, played football, had hot dog roasts, walked around just to see all the green and growing things in our yard, and smelled and smelled and smelled. I had no idea how depressed I get in the winter, except to compare it to how happy I am now. My boys are so happy to be outside, running around in the swimming trunks and running through sprinklers. I love spring!!
Third, I have been exercising. I started training for a marathon. I started with a small goal of a 5K. I ran that with my sister in April. Then we set a goal for a 10K in June, so I am now training for that. I feel so good knowing that I am doing what I set out to do. I also think I have more energy-though this could have come from either of the previous two changes, as well.
These are 3 changes in my life that have had some pretty major side effects. The side effects are what I enjoy the most.
I enjoy-love-love-love my smiling happy baby!
I love Gabriel and Hyrum and their sweet little imaginations. We painted flowers a garden a snail some birds and butterfly's all over a basement wall yesterday. We also did lots of laundry, the boys spent the morning jumping on the laundry pile from the basement steps, and the afternoon playing in the dryer-using it as a spaceship to blast off to the moon-all the while calling me commander.
Seth is learning so much! I am so proud of him. He is starting to be concerned with his own hygiene. Telling me when he needs fingernails clipped. He also gets himself ready in the mornings and gets his own breakfast usually.
My husband smiles and looks at me so lovingly! When Shawn-my brother in law- was married last month, he was looking at his wife with such loving eyes-It was a look so familiar to me, because that is how Tom looks at me. He has such a wonderful way of showing his love and I am so grateful for him!
I know this is a little fickle, but I love my house! And the harder I work on it, the more I love it! I love my little gardens, my huge trees, my lawn, how nice everything looks when we put everything in its proper place. The green wall in the living room and the beautiful white curtains. The piano and wonderful pictures. My orange kitchen, and how nice the floor looks after a good scrubbing. I love the large cool basement. Having a place for the laundry. I love the boys rooms with fresh bedding and a vacuumed floor. I love our spacious garage and the large drive way-perfect for beginner bike riders. I love my neighbors-their kindness and expertise! I love the lilac bushes and their wonderful smells.
I love Church on Sunday. A chance to hear others testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love to pay tithing and know that because I do the Lord will bless me. I love to see all the babies and children and parents trying their best to teach and train their children, so they can be the wonderful people we all hope are kids turn out to be. I love to see the Grandmas, with wisdom in their eyes console, council, and giggle, as the younger generations struggles to attain what they already have.
I love Minnesota! I love the green. I love all of the water. I love the trees, the rolling hills. And I am in such a great mood that I can even find it within myself to love the ants :)
I am happy! I feel true Joy. This is Life!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I just got home from Idaho. We had a terrific time. When I got home, I noticed our mailbox was bulging. So, we went and dug out the mail. Between Tom and I we opened over 13 thousand dollars worth of medical bills. I am not sure if I am just really tired from arriving at 2:30 this morning or if this is really overwhelming. I will know tommorow!