Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Loving my new swim suit!

For years I have been searching for the perfect swim suit. I love swimming, and HATE being immodest! It is a tough balance. For a long time I have worn a t-shirt and basketball shorts over my suit. But, recently I did a triathlon and decided that was just too much excess. So I was back to the bathing suit. I felt so immodest. I hated the feeling. I bought a new suit a few months ago, that covered a little more, but it was not a maternity suit, and I have now grown out of it.
Our family has a lovely little vacation at a resort in Texas coming up. We are so excited. But, this meant I needed a new suit. So, I searched online on Monday, looking for the perfect suit.
First I found these
I didn't get it-just not me. Though I love the mission of the site.
Next I googled Modest Swim suits. I came up with all sorts of images that I didn't feel were so modest. Then I realized I should be searching for Maternity. And finally I remembered that my boys wear these rash gaurds- we call them sunscreen shirts. So I googled Maternity Rash Gaurds. I am so happy I did!!
I found a site called Mermaid Maternity
I loved the rash gaurd, and bought the matching swim shorts. It is oh so comfortable-flattering- and modest. They shipped it to me the same day, and I got it today! Monday-Wednesday! Wow!! The rash gaurd is made to wear something supportive under it. The short have a built in swim suit bottom. Here is a picture of what I got in the mail today.
I am not sure if later I won't buy a long board short. But, at least now I feel mostly covered. I feel like I can chase boys in and out of the water all day, without feeling uncomfortable or self conscious. Not to mention, my shoulders and back will be covered, no more sunburns! The shorts come to the end of my fingertips. The shirt sleeve goes about half way between my elbow and shoulder. The neck is really high. I touched my toes and touched the ceiling and there was no gapping between the shirt and shorts. I have had a maternity tankini before, it was long enough out of the water, but floated up as soon as it got wet. There is a tie on the side of this, so it won't float up!
I noticed that they just started a non-maternity line (horizons) on their site.
Any way, this is my plug for modest swim wear.
I am so excited for summer in this land of 10,000 lakes, and I am so excited to be modest!


Kade and Teann said...

Thank you! I would like to get a maternity suit the next time I'm expecting, so I'll keep that one in mind. I've been thinking of getting a swimming shirt to go over my suit right now cause I have the same endless search for a suit that is comfortable and modest. Thanks!

Veralyn said...

How exciting!!! Congratulations on finding a modest swimming suit and sharing your findings!!

Jenni said...

I've been wanting a new suit for that very same reason. Thanks for thr post!