Friday, March 26, 2010


I posted earlier, I am girls camp director. But, I just realized some of what that might entail. You guys, if I have to start a fire and know for sure how to cook food with a crock-pot, I am going to need some practice. Don't tell any one ;) in my ward- because I am really excited but I have never been totally responsible for the out-doorsy stuff that happens at camp-I don't even know if I can set up a tent for myself!

By the way- do you guys remember paying for camp-my girls have to pay 125! Is that ridiculous or what?


Alex and Marie said...

do you mean dutch oven instead of crock pot? :) I would need a little 101 course on some of those as well... but even learning about it will be so fun, and so will camp. You will be awesome! You can have a few FHEs about how-to camp topics--of course that might ignite a few pyro ideas in your boys' heads... but the FHEs sound fun.

5boystokiss said...

Thanks for the correction Marie, Yes I am very good at the crockpot- no I am not very knowledgeable with a dutch oven.
Yes I am so excited to learn- but learn I must so cute little girls do not starve at camp!

Andrea said...

We never had to pay for camp... I think the stake/wards budgeted for it. Also, I can't remember, but it could be that the campsite itself was given to us free for our time there, so maybe we didn't have to pay for the actual site.

Also, I know when we were living in Missouri, and i was in the Young womens program, their camp was not nearly as "roughin' it" as our was. They had cabins with bunk beds, and I think the campsite provided the cooking gear, and because of all that, they had to pay a fee too. So...if that's what your camp is like, maybe that's why it's so pricey. I don't know... anyway, $125 does seem like a lot when I never had to pay for it when I was in YW.

If you want some dutch oven recipes, I know one for potatoes and one for chicken. ;)

5boystokiss said...

yes I want your recipes!