Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad Day!

Tom left on Tuesday morning to go to Idaho to get Laser surgery done on his eyes. We have missed him and we were supposed to pick him up at the airport tonight. But alas, it is 10 pm and still no Daddy. His flight was canceled due to bad weather in Denver. He decided since he would be missing work tomorrow any way, he would just stay ,until Sunday morning, with his family. I am happy that he gets to spend good time with his family and rest his eyes a little after surgery, but I really do miss the big lug! I hate going to bed without him, which explains why I am still up.
Oh well, the surgery went really well and they figure he will have 20/20 vision before the week is up. What an amazing age we live in, where sight can be restored. He has worn thick glasses since he was 6 (I think) so this is a huge deal, to be able to play with the boys without the worry. I am really excited not to have to wake up to help him find his glasses in the morning ;) Oh Tommy glad you've had your sight restored-Wish I could see you!

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