Monday, March 30, 2009


Today I saw eating disorders in the making. I was at Burger king, watching the boys play. I over heard 2 women talking. One of the friends had three children, an 8 year old girl, a 5 year old boy and a baby. The other friend, from what I could tell, was a Grandmother with her two grandchildren a 5 year old boy and a 6 month old baby girl. The one friend commented on how chubby the baby girl was. The other agreed and said the doctor had limited this babies in take to 4-8 oz bottles a day and no food. Then this grandmother said that this little babies fat was getting beyond cute fat- it was starting to become embarrassing Fat. All the while her friend was agreeing! Then this little girl, the 8 year old, had enough guts to call the grandma out. She said, that's rude you shouldn't call a baby fat. The grandma said, well she can't understand me, on the other hand I wouldn't call you your face. And then both women cackled. Later they went on to talk about their diets- loosing 20 lbs, and not being able to finish their salads.
My take...
-This little baby was adorable! not even too fat. I have seen some fat babies, and this was just a normal baby with cute chubby cheeks. And yet even the really fat babies have turned out to be completely normal children and adults.
-Did the doctor really limit this babies eating? If so, shame on him and the mother for letting him. Do your homework! It is good for babies to be chubby. The underweight ones are the ones who are more susceptible to sickness and later learning disabilities.
-This poor little 8 year old girl sitting there listening to this. I am sure she was thinking, it must not be good to be fat. I wonder if I am to fat. Maybe I should be to full to finish my food. Do I need to loose 20 lbs. and on and on.

So, what did I do? nothing! shame on me! I hate confrontation. I didn't have thoughts fully formed in my head yet. I was just enraged and yet, it will continue, because I did nothing but blog about it.

What did it do for me? Made me think about how I should talk. Do I think or talk about my weight to much? Do my kids worry about how they look? How can I teach them healthy habits without destroying their confidence in how they look?


Brandon & Natalie said...

Oh I couldn't agree with you more. Our society is so focused on image, clothing and perfect bodies - I hate it. I caught Kenzie examining herself the same way I do in the mirror and had to quickly cancel that ritual. I can't stand the idea of her thinking those about things - she's only 2!!! You're right also, babies are so much better chubby. There's more to slather with kisses!!! :)

Levi said...

On Monday night Landin(4yrs in June) got picked up from PreSchool by My Friends Gary & Ann, who's sons are 6yrs and 3yrs old also go to PreSchool with Landin. They took him to there house and had dinner...Landin ate 2 tacos, a bowl of peaches, 1 glass of Juice, 1 glass of milk, some toast and cookie. After dinner they went to an open house, at the school their 6yr old (in K) old goes to. Where the school gave the kids 1 milk and 1 twinky, Landin ate those also. I went to the school once I got off work to find Landin and they told me that he was really good and ate very well for them. When after chasing Landin all over the school, playground, and to the car. We got in the car and headed home, upon our arrival we played with trains, trucks, and Landin worked on wall art work....grrrrr.
Landin had a bath and got his PJ's on told me he was hungary. I asked him what he had for dinner, he told me everything and said "but dad im still hungary." we talked about it and he wanted a hot dog. I fixed him a hot dog and he ate it. and then we chilled for about an hour then went to bed. I was thinking Holy Cow this kid is going to eat me out of House and Home, by the time he turns 6.

*Landin was at his mom's this weeked. And he always comes back with a very large appitite.
*Landin has gone from a 4T to a 6T this year, in his pants and shirts and they are not tight around his waist. The Kid is Growing Up. not out.
*The 6yr old, is 1/4 of inch Taller than Landin.

Eating Disorder? NO.
Growing? YES