Saturday, February 28, 2009

The No more HAPPINESS diet.

Each of my boys have had a problem with me consuming dairy and chocolate. So in the words of my favorite comedian Brian Regan, I have once again joined the "No more happiness" club.
Each time I do this I come up with creative ways to eat the things I love. Especially Ice Cream. Yesterday I went to the store in search of dairy free Ice Cream. What I found was uh interesting. I found a rice Ice Cream- that I am willing to never eat again! and a tofu Ice Cream, which I must say is the closest I have ever tasted to the real thing. I also replaced my milk with soy or almond milk. Because I had my gall bladder removed after having Seth, I have to take acydopholis pills- instead of eating yogurt when I am nursing. Replacing dairy is pretty painless, however chocolate on the other hand, is a completely different story-Karab is not a good sub! Oh well. So Marie, I will be making that delicous cobbler again tonight!
I know this post is extra boring, so go search for Brian Regan on YouTube and laugh till your sides hurt! Thanks for introducing us to him Kiri and Joe!


Alex and Marie said...

My complete sympathies. My kids have never nursed well, so I might have to experiment with foods to figure it out this time around. I'll probably be asking you for the best substitutes you found.

Catherine Cazier said...

Sorry you have to gice up the good stuff. How did you figuare out what the problem was? I have never had problems like that but have heard of others who did and just wondered. Does the baby get sick when you eat stuff that bothers them? Just wondered?

Alex and Marie said...

Teann just had her baby today, actually. A whopping 10 pounds!!!

Nilsens said...

I am so sorry! We do pretty well with soy, but NO CHOCOLATE! Keep us updated on how it goes. Try moving on to soy chocolate milk- Jacob even loves it. Good luck!