Friday, February 13, 2009

Sister Stevens from the Primary General Board was at my house

Last week our ward primary president called me to see if I would be willing to have 2 people from the primary come to my house. I said sure, and I wasn't quite sure what I had heard, so after I hung up I talked it over with my mom. I told her that I thought Sister Saltzgiver had said that the Primary General President wanted to come to my house. After we talked it over for a while, I was pretty sure I had heard her wrong so I didn't worry about it. Then, the next day I got a call from our Stake Primary President called to make the appointment. As a side note, our Minnesota numbers ring tone is a Las Vegas poker callers voice. It says something like "Place your bets now, will they answer or voice mail, last call..." So back to the story, she called, and she was laughing hysterically at our ring tone. She set up the appointment. I figured then that I must have heard wrong, and it was just the Stake Primary presidency coming for a visit. Yesterday at 3:58 2 women come knocking at my door. The first introduces herself as the Stake Primary president. The other didn't introduce herself. About 20 minutes after they were at my house, I asked them why they were doing visits, this is the point when I found out that she was part of the General primary presidency. I didn't catch her name though. Both of the Ladies were very sweet and soft spoken. They talked and played with the kids and found several occasions to bare testimony of our saviors love. They also quized the boys on primary songs, scriptures, and the articles of faith. The boys all did well. Can you also believe that none of the boys fought or raised there voices the entire time they were at our house. As she was leaving Sister Stevens told me that they meet weekly to discuss the primary children, and she said not a week goes by that they don't pray for the mothers and their children. She left me with encouragement and a big hug! After she left the shock of what had happened started to sink in a little. Now after having a while to reflect I feel sad. If I got to do it over again, I would have had a list of questions for her, or had the kids sit at her feet and ask her questions, and taken a picture with her and the boys to put in their scrap books. I sure hope this isn't the last time I get to sit with someone who does so much to help children to love the Savior as much as he loves them. I feel blessed!


Kade and Teann said...

Erika, I guess I meant Seth, not Gabriel, when he wandered slowly home from school. Sorry about the mix up! Hope you and your boys are doing well on the postpartum stretch. :)

Andrea said...

Wow! That's so neat that she was at your house. This story reminds me of me..but I'm a lost cause. I ALWAYS get things wrong or forget when my VT'ers come over and I'm still in my jammies, and the house is a wreck cause I totally spaced the fact that they were coming even though the reminded me YESTERDAY. Or when Cory told me to get a hotel room for incoming family for Abi-kate's blessing and Natalie's birthday. What do I do? I get a bed, and smoking . I made no specific requests, and didn't even think about asking for two beds for the four people taht would be in the room, and non-smoking because they are non-smokers. I'm such a spaz sometimes... :)

Piper_and_us said...

Congratulations on your visit. Sounds like it was a success even though you did not do everything you would have liked to do. It always seems hindsight is 20/20 where foresight is much more lacking.