Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So this is me at 38 weeks and 3 days, do I really look like I need to be the target of such abuse :) Maybe you shouldn't answer that :)

I went to my 38 week appointment today. Got some good news from the midwife, and I was feeling pretty good. Then I picked up the kids from the babysitter. I stopped at Subway and I am telling you the lady that helped me was relentless! I walked in and she stopped in her tracks looking at me she said, "you look like your ready to pop." I tried to keep her from saying anything else. I said, "Thanks thats just what every pregnant woman wants to hear." dripping with sarcasim. I am getting better at sarcasim, the more pregnant I get! She said, "sorry, but you have to be due any minute!!"-I just want to order a sandwich. "Are you having more than one. Your carrying it all right up front. You know, my daughter in law carried just like that- she ran into everything. She couldn't even reach around her stomache. Yep she looked just like you!" "You must be so uncomfortable! Well what are you having?" I say, "a boy- and I just want a chicken sandwich" "Oh a boy, what a bummer, A boy what a drag. Well you know what they say, if at first you don't succeed, try try again. That is if you can handle more than one. Not me, one was enough for me. So, do you have any other kids?" "Yes, three boys, can I get all the vegetables" "Three boys oh my gosh! Three boys, you should stop trying, and don't touch me, I don't want any of you to rubb off on me. Do you want chips or a cookie?" "No, thanks have a nice day!" When I got in the van I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry! The only word that came to mind was relentless!


GatesGang said...

she sounded like she was just flat out rude. you were much nicer then i would of been that far along haha. i have all girls ahha what a dorky person. gosh harrassment haha

SarahLynn said...

Next time someone says something you should just tell them you aren't pregnant and that you have a tumor or that you woke up this morning an you had all this water weight in your stomach.

Trisha said...

I am so sorry! Bleh!