Monday, January 12, 2009

Hurrumph! or Enoch please come soon!

Try as I might I can not induce labor. Yesterday after church, I tried to walk down the steps, and instead I most gracefully slid down the steps and landed on my back with my skirt over my head and my feet sticking up in the air. I instantly had rescuers at my side gathering me and all my papers up, and helping me to my car. You think that such a fall would induce labor at 39 weeks. Nope, just got a skinned knee and a sprained ankle. Then last night, I determinedly dressed my boys for a winter evening walk. Tom and I pushed them around in the stroller for about 40 minutes- 1 mile, through 3 inch snow, with ice underneath. Did that put me into labor? No! I was just frozen from the waste down. Then in the middle of the night I woke up to the gut wrenching flu. I have heaved every half hour for the last 12 hours. Did that put me into labor? Nope, now I just have two black eyes from all the pressure it apparently takes to empty your stomach all over the bathroom.
Each week, I have people ask me when I am due. And each week, I add two weeks to my true due date. This week for some reason, saying I had 3 weeks left, left me wanting to cry! Oh how I hope I get to hold a little baby boy soon!

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Alex and Marie said...

I've only had 2 kids, but I have yet to go into labor by myself. (Of course that's ok with me, since being induced was a good experience both times.) But I feel your pain of the "Hello, is anything going to happen here? I've put in my time already" feeling. I'll be doing it in about 3 months and you can comfort me then, as you hold your cute little boy. :)