Monday, January 5, 2009


Boys will be boys!
First, Last week Tom got home and said hey, its like 38 degrees outside, the snow is melting and wet enough to make a snow man. Lets go. So we bundled all of the boys up and they made two snow men and a few snow angels in the dark at about 8pm. I love my husband, he is such a fun Dad!

Secondly, We have family movie night every Friday night. This consists of re-arranging the furniture, so the couch sits right next to the computer desk, making popcorn and hot-chocolate. Bringing every blanket in the house to the couch, and settling in for a long cartoon. The boys really look forward to it. Last friday, just before we started the movie Gabe was doing flying supermans off of the couch, and when he got up one time he stood right up into the piano. He has this to show for it.

Then, today the boys were eating oranges in the kitchen. I heard Gabe ask Hyrum to grab a knife, so they could open a new orange. I was using the facilities :) and ask them to wait and I would help them. Moments later I saw a flash of bright light. I quickly finished and ran into the kitchen to find a smoking butter knife on the floor next to the outlet. Apparently Hyrum was trying to be like Grandpa Larry. These are the results, the camera really doesn't do it justice.

The corner of the butter knife is melted, and the wall will have to be touched up with paint. As far as I can tell, he was putting the knife between the wall plate and the wall. But, he wasn't crying. I asked him if it hurt, and he said no. So I think Angels must have been watching over him! I don't know how he didn't get shocked. Its a miracle!
So...Boys will be boys, and I am pretty sure Heavenly Father laughed when he decided to send me another one!

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