Tuesday, June 28, 2011

She is here!

We are in love! She is so sweet. We are having so much fun dressing her in pink. She was 8lbs even. She was 20 inches long. She is good at everything she is supposed to do. Good eater, Good sleeper, Good diaper filler. And, if you know me, you will be excited to note that she has a white streak in her hair- right up front. We are tired, and happy. We are taking the month of July off to rest and relax. Have a wonderful independence day, pioneer day, and strawberry, raspberry harvest. See in you all in August.
With Love!


Heathere Willoughby said...

Congratulations! SO what did you name her?!?!?! I love that she has the white streak - LOVE IT!

Veralyn said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You finally get a little girl to dress up. The boys can teach her to do all sorts of boyish stuff too ;)

Kade and Teann said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy for you that it really was a girl! :) Enjoy!