Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthdays and a Baptism

Some how I don't have pictures of #2 and Hubbins Birthdays. Shoot! But #3 had a birthday in June and #1 had a birthday in May. #1 was baptized in June. And #1 had his very first birthday party with friends. It has been a fun couple of months! #1 wanted a spring cake. #3 wanted a cake with strawberries on top.
highlights -at the baptism, we were listening to one of the missionaries play church music, when everyone hears #2 shout- "look, guys I found the font- lets jump in."
-At the party someone hands #1 a card. He looks at it and says, " I am saving the best for last" Nice cover bud!
-#3 made sure no one else blew out his candles this year, because he wanted to make sure and get his wish!
Life is sure fun with 5 boys to kiss!

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