Friday, September 23, 2011

Kindergartners are so sweet!

This is #3. He is now a kindergartner. His teacher is a wonderful woman. She believes that boys need extra recess, so she takes her class out for more exercise every day, snow, rain, or shine. #3 loves school, and the reports coming home say that he is a leader in his classroom. He really tries to help others be good. He has come home with many stickers and he is trying to win a school t-shirt for good citizenship. Way to go bud!

This is a picture of the boys in front of their new school.

#3 is a real problem solver. Here are a few pictures I will try to describe for you, so you can get the full effect. See the big tree behind the garage? He was trying to reach a branch that he could climb- by building a tower to get to the garage roof, so he could step on to a branch that hangs over the garage.
Next he used the strollers to climb on, and pull him self up with the little branches shooting out. He did eventually get up on to the tree.
The oreos sitting on the counter were on the top shelf at the back. #3 opened the cubboard door, then walked over to the dishwasher and opened it. He climbed on the door of the dishwasher, then opened the dish cupboard. Next he climbed up on the counter above the dishwasher. He used the cupboard door to steady him self as he walked from one side of the sink to the other-grabbing the other cupboard door to finish crossing the sink. Success! He reached the oreos and sat on the counter until every oreo was devoured-this was the scene I encountered as I came into the kitchen.
#3 knows that when the water gets splashed out of the bathtub, the basement floor gets wet. Dad recently went to North Dakota to help clean up flood damage on the Mouse River. He told us how some of the houses had floated off the foundations, and the basements were full. One day I went in to the bathroom and found #3 flooding the bathroom. I told him to stop playing in the water. I caught him at it twice more, and finally asked him why he was doing it. He said- "Mom, I am just trying to build a swimming pool in our basement" That is a bulb syringe for a plug-little smart stinker!

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