Friday, September 23, 2011

#2 was pretty overwhelmed the other night. He was sad because he wanted to be good in class, for his teacher, but he just couldn't control his body the way he was supposed to. He kept saying, "It's not fair, why did Heavenly Father give me this trial? Why would he make me like this, so I can't control my body? Maybe I should go back to therapy. How long do I have to be like this?" The whole time I just kept rubbing his back and telling him how great he was and how awesome he was and how some day, when he had to understand others who had trials that were hard like him, he would know how to have compassion for them. So often we look at our trials like #2. Joseph Smith did. He asked God in prayer, where he was, and why he was letting the trials that were so hard, continue. Heavenly Father answered that his trials would be but a small moment, and that he should endure them well.
So #2, on this 8 second ride we call life lets grin and hold on tight-Heavenly Father has great things in store for you! I Love You Bud!!!

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ang :o) said...

ahhh. you amaze me! what a sweet mom you are. and i just want to give your little guy a big hug!