Thursday, January 12, 2012

A wise friend

I have this friend. She is a wonderful wise friend. If I ever have a problem I can't sort out, I call her. I spend 95% of the time talking. Then my sweet friend will say something profound and wise. I will listen, and think of that thing she said for weeks. Every time I end up pondering and then applying her treasures of wisdom.
Recently I started home-schooling my kids again. I called my friend and said, "What am I thinking?" "Why am I doing this?" "Am I crazy?"
My friend quietly let me talk through my fears, and when I was done, the last thing I said was, "I am crazy, I can't do this."
Then my friend asked in her quiet, wise voice, "Can you do it today?"
Well dang! I had never thought about life like that! Shoot! I CAN do it today. If all I have to do is be happy for 8 more hours- I can do it. If all I have to do is cook 3 meals, I can do it. If all I have to do is be patient for 20 more math problems, I can do it.
For the last 2 weeks I have been living day by day. This makes me so happy. I am not sure how this will effect my life long term, but it works for TODAY.
(This is a picture of her! She built up stamina for this crazy hiking trip, by hiking up and down her stairs in her 2 floor apartment.) (I love her!)

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