Monday, January 2, 2012

Silly, Spaceship, Scarves, Santa, Sister, Snickers, Soft, Simple

Dad and #5 enjoying Christmas Brunch
#5 opening a gift From Great Grandma and Great Grandpa
Giving is better than receiving for #2
#2 excited to open his gift
#4 gave Dad bakugans for Christmas!
#3 gave #4 some new skates
#5 helping mom with the Laundry- This is what happens when you go down to get the laundry with a baby in your arms, and realize you cant carry the baby and the laundry back up.
A sister in our ward brought this yummy candy train to us for Christmas! Such fun!
Isn't it cute!
There is something so sweet about Daddy and his little girl.
Don't you think?
This is her new Christmas Dress. She loves to suck on it!
Everyone thinks she looks fancy.
#5 so interested in this big man with the white beard and the red hat.
#4 is trying to think of something really good, to ask Santa for.
#3 is telling Santa he tried to be good.
#2 is asking Santa if he is really real.
#4 is finally brave enough to hold this little time bomb full of spit up :)
He even invited her to fly in his space ship- to go find Yoda.
and here I am being silly- ribbit.
All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas full of giving and love. We read all of our favorite Christmas books. We cried and laughed. We loved. We celebrated Christs birth in our own way. Now, my goal is to continue to celebrate his birth, life, and Resurrection this year. I hope you each had a wonderful year.
Finally here is a little video of the final Christmas present- Santa's cookies.
With Love

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