Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Growing up in Idaho, I had the idea that moral/smart people were all Republican, and the democrats ranged from confused to corrupt. Then I moved to Minnesota and found out that all most everyone here was Democrat. Most are not confused or corrupt. Most are good, kind-hearted, intelligent people. This made me wonder, how can all of these good people have such opposing opinions?
As the elections come up, I would encourage all of you to be careful and respectful. It is wonderful that you have opinions. I appreciate those opinions as long as they don't fall along the lines of "mud'slinging". I hate to think that an election may be won or lost on viral clips of human error.
I guess because I come from a farming community, my advice would be- you reap what you sow, and so do the candidates. You can handle debates of politics respectfully. There is no need to prove your point by making another look bad. I say this to our candidates, and to all of you who are thinking about forwarding emails to me prior to the 2012 Elections.

As a side note I met a communist the other day. A good woman fighting for the rights of people everywhere.

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