Monday, February 21, 2011

We are so blessed to live in 2011!

So, it snowed last night. And all day today. At 11, hubbin and I went out and shoveled, until 12:30. We got up to the 18 inch mark, during this storm. We have had 74 inches this year. This year is 2nd place in the last 60 years. 76.3 inches in 1982 at first place and 73 in 1963 is in 3rd. After we shoveled (for hopefully the final time of the year, hahaha we have 4 forecasted snow days this week), I went to the thrift store. Today is a double discount holiday, so I had to go. But, as I drove I was reminded of the Little House on Plum Creek by Laura Ingels Wilder. In the book Lauras family faces starvation, white outs, frozen nights, loss of herds, and the longest winter in 49 years. So, like I said I was thinking about it, and I decided that we still have bad winters. We just have amazing machines to remove the snow. We have amazing houses, to keep us warm. We have amazing roads, to truck in food. We have amazing vehicles, that can take us out of the house for double discount Mondays. We do not live off the land, depend on herds, fresh springs, wax paper windows, and coal burning stoves to help us survive the winter. As I sit here in my shorts and t-shirt typing to the world I feel blessed.
In the book, Lauras dad took a job helping to dig the train out and keep it running. I imagine it looked something like this
That seems like a much more daunting job than the few feet I shoveled earlier today. I was also thinking about the terribly uncomfortable clothes that they used to wear. I am so blessed! Try shoveling in one of these, or staying warm and dry for that matter.
I wish I was grateful more often, for all the blessings I have been given, but I am grateful today!

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Veralyn said...

Hello, hello! It is a small world after all :) Meikjn was from my hometown in Ontario, I think the first time we met was when I started playing the cello with her Mom's orchestra. Meikjn is cool!

You are right, we have so many blessings living in this time. I am especially grateful for modern medicine, especially for surgeries!!