Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowman Gruesomly Murdered

On Saturday February 5th, in the Suburbs of St. Paul a snowman was gruesomely murdered. Passerby's figure the homeowner, Tom, was just plain fed up with the winter. Neighbors interviewed later said, " Tom seemed like such a normal guy. He always plays with his kids and helps out where he can in the neighborhood. We think the sub zero temperatures must have finally made him crack."

The area was having a bit of balmy weather on Saturday. Toms wife, Erika took their oldest son shopping in preparation for Valentines Day. Nothing could have prepared the two for the shock and carnage they would see as they returned home. "When we saw the snowman, we ran into the house to make sure everyone was all right. They were sitting around the table sipping milkshakes, like nothing had happened. I worry about that man." Erika said later, when asked about the crime scene and her husbands' state of mind.
The Snowman's family has decided not to press charges.


SarahLynn said...

Such a cleaver post. This post makes me want to never want to right the classic Family newsletter post ever again (though I am not as witty as you). Good job sissy. Mom must have brought up this blog post like 4 or 5 times tonight.

Alex and Marie said...

That's so funny. Thanks for sharing. :)