Monday, February 14, 2011

Pink we think!

Arriving soon to our clan is little miss Twila Eve. Eve for short. She is due on June 21st, which means that she will most likely be here around the 28th- the 5th of July. We are excited. Enoch points to the baby (from experience we realize that he has no idea what we are talking about- but it is still cute) , and the boys tell everyone we meet.
I am finally going to paint a room pink- and get all of the little baby girl clothes out of storage- the ones I have bought with each pregnancy.
I also get to dust off my glass dolls and put them up. I think I may have to buy some pink finger nail polish for the hospital. This is, in fact, a momentous occasion!
The boys thought of some ideas for names. They like Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Emily, Aleasea and Stop sign. They were all ready to vote on the names. But I had to tell them, since I was growing the baby, I got to name the baby. However Tom reminded me, as he often does that he actually gets to name the baby. And he has always liked the name Quintessa(especially for a fifth child, if that fifth child was a girl). I sure hope he comes to his/err uh my senses before blessing day!
So top 10 reasons why Erika is excited for a girl
(here we go)insert drum roll please
10 Baby dresses and bloomers are so adorable!!
9 I need to keep my mad hair doin' skills up, the boys are sick of me trying to put their hair in pigtails
8 Tom has vetoed all fingernail painting on little hands in this house- I think I can over ride that, when she comes
7 A shopping buddy would be nice
6 I have been severely out numbered for the last several years
5 Knights in shining armor(I have four) want Damsels in distress to rescue (mommies don't count)
4 Girls camp, young womens, bows, activity days 3 white dresses!
3 ruby red slippers
2 A gender I can understand
1 Curling Irons, hair spray, blow drying, strawberry smelling shampoo, pretend makeup, mud pies at tea parties, dandelion cakes for desert, help with dinner, playing house, dancing with daddy, dates with daddy, no more wishing and praying, longing, and crying for a girl.

Oh their are so many reasons- and these of course are mostly silly and superficial. I mean I may have a "Tom boy" on my hands. But I have cried for, begged for, and longed for a girl. I am just plain excited.
This would probably be a pretty good place to interject. They are only 70% sure its a girl. But it is the first time that they haven't been 100% sure it was a boy. So, that is like 170% points in favor of a girl, right? Any way I am going with it. Even if in the end, I have to wash all the baby boy clothes and write a top 10 list on why Erika wanted another boy.
So for now, I am seeing pink!
*Imagine momma dancing for the next 4 months absolutely giddy with excitement!*


Alex and Marie said...


Kade and Teann said...

How exciting!! Yep, you have earned every right to have a little girl in your arms finally. :) Congrats, congrats!!

So, maybe you won't be up for this, but just FYI, Kade is planning your 10-year-reunion with Alisha Jurgensmeier (2000 class) for the beginning of August. No sweat since you'll have a newborn. :)

Meikjn said...

girls are fun. Andy has issues with the chemicals in fingernail polish, and babies. scientists know too much. I love being able to justify ribbon in every color congrats on the mostly girl (:

Família Santos said...

Get blue and green finger nail polish and paint the boys' toe nails! I used to do that with some little boys I babysat a couple of summers during high school!

rneweyfamily said...

congratulations!! Hey, quick question. You once posted a blog about some great parenting books that you had read. I can't find the post, what were the books?