Monday, July 7, 2008

Counting My Many Blessings

A new baby to welcome in January
Tom has a job he loves
Gabriel makes it to the toilet most of the time
Hyrum tries to make it to the toilet most of the time
Seth always makes it to the toilet
We buy our own food
We pay all of our own bills
We have insurance
Our car works for Tom everyday
Our spinach is growing beautifully
We are a 2 minute walk from the park
We have air conditioning
We have enough to eat
We have a family that loves us
We have the most wonderful friends
We have a couch and a rocking chair
We have bunk beds
We have a testimony of the restored gospel and because of this
We have direction from a living prophet
We have clarity of thought
We have blessings un-numbered from paying our tithes and fast offerings
We have scriptures
We have a temple
We have a stronger family
Tom has a great calling to teach the investigator class, we have both learned immensely from
I have a wonderful calling to serve the future Mothers of Zion
Our children each love their primary teachers
We love our bishop and stake presidency
We are buying a new house
Our new house will be just 3 minutes from the temple
We have a bedroom for everyone
We have a large garage and storage shed
We get to see our friends and family in August
Our new house comes with all of the appliances
The weather here has helped my skin to clear up
Seth wants to serve a mission
We went strawberry picking and have the most delicious strawberries
We live in a free country
We have the right to vote for our leaders
We have freedom of speech which lets us proselyte
We have a computer
We have Internet
We have a telephone
We have a wonderful mail system
We have gospel materials at our fingertips
Tom has the priesthood
I am a mother
I know my savior atoned for my sins
I was able to finish school
Tom has a bachelors degree
We live in a safe neighborhood
We have very kind neighbors
We have a wading pool
We have running water
We have electricity
We have other church members to help us strengthen our testimony
We have a food storage
We have a washer, dryer, and dishwasher
Seth is going to be a kindergartener
All of my kids are nursery age and older
We have a clock to tell the time
We have a calender to keep the date
We have a wonderful medical system, where we do not fear our doctors
We have the military to keep us safe
My brothers in the military are still alive
I was able to stay pregnant when so many of my dear friends either cant get or stay pregnant
My husband loves me
My children love me
My husband brings me flowers and dances with me
The spirit is my constant companion
I have unlimited access to food and chocolate :)
I have an eliptical machine
The sun is shining
There is unlimited green in Minnesota
Gabriel loves fishing

I am going to stop now, not because that is all of my blessings, just because that is all I have time for today. I hope this helps us all to feel a little more blessed.
With Love

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Our Pease Pod said...

Wow-you sure put things into perspective. We have so much to be grateful for. I didn't know you had a blog-that is great. I hope all is well for your family-it sounds like great things are happening. Love ya.