Saturday, July 12, 2008

Best Friends

It is interesting to me that I can look back on my life and peg the day that my best friends have staked there claim on a portion of my heart. My best friends have come from many different walks of life, but each time they were a hidden gem in a sea of marbles all scrambling to get attention. Each time they found me. I, like many I know, was trying to appear as normal as possible. Just minding my own business when the gem sought me out. When I was a third grader, I played at recess every day by myself. One day I was walking by the boys who were playing hockey when three boys yelled out my name and asked me if I wanted to play. A few of the other boys said I couldn't because I was a girl, but my new found sapphires said that I could, and I officially had a place and status on the playgrounds. From that moment on, even through my Freshman year of college-a bosom friend had found me. He taught me many things, and though he was never popular, most likely because he was my friend, he was always loyal! I talked him through many painful nights of a life threatening disease, and he talked me through every crush-which happened to be every boy who had ever noticed me. After he left on his mission I moved to Twin Falls. Almost immediately I found Tom. The love of my life and the keeper of my heart. Again, he was kind. He invited me to join an institute class with him. He cared a great deal for his friends. He taught me true love. The kind of love that doesn't need a best friendship to bind it. A love that needs no ties at all. It is Christs love. Tom has an amazing ability to love people unending. There aren't the right kind of words to describe it. But Tom has it! Luckily, I get to learn from him every day. Tom is my Diamond.
Then after we were married, and had Seth, we moved to Boise. Once again almost immediately we found another Gem-My pearl. She was this beautiful quiet woman, who was willing to do anything. When she called me up to come and do her visiting teaching, I couldn't help but smile, because I could tell she was nervous. I later found out she has a terrible fear of phone calling. She came to my house with such love I couldn't help but invite her back. We developed a wonderful long lasting relationship with her and her husband. Christen has taught me how to serve faithfully. How to "go without" the praise. She has given me a greater testimony of the gospel. One time someone asked me if I had many friends like Christen. I should have said no, because she is irreplaceable. No one, could be as good as the wonderful friends I have been blessed with in my life. Heavenly Father has truely blessed me with gems. And I could never be grateful enough.

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