Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh, what do you do in the winter time?

When the snow flies in the country, what do you do with your precious time?
We are in love with the snow.  We love the quiet and cold that begs to see footprints.  We love the constantly falling snow that nourishes next summers garden.  We love the red runny noses.  We love the snow puddles left next to drying boots.  We love the bright white of Winter!  As winter has set in, I have found myself drinking more cups of cider and making many hardy stews.  Today I am borrowing this recipe  from Pioneer woman.  I am anticipating that delicious smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.  I love the PW's instructions that tell me to do one step and then wait an hour before I continue on.  It seems familiar.  Basically the way I do everything around here.    The boys have already built a snow cave, played with the neighbors dog, shoveled the walk twice, done their school work, minus about 5 pages of reading that I imagine will be done at bed time, finished their house chores, made tracks in the fresh snow, eaten breakfast, snack, snack, lunch, and a snack.  Now I have them in their bedrooms doing some cleaning.  I am listening to the conference talks, sipping some cider, and waiting for the timer to ring, so I can add the next ingredient to the rolls.  Happy Wintering to you all!
this picture reminds me of my boys it comes from this site
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