Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am so glad it is over!

I am grateful for the right that I have to vote.  I am grateful that I live in this country, where the only discomfort I feel when voting is to stand in a 4 hour line- which is a pretty inspiring site!  I am grateful that I have the privilege and right to pray to my Heavenly Father, publicly and privately.  We are part of a great nation. Now as the elections have been decided, I am grateful to be able to move forward.  We are praying for you President Obama and your family.
As we proceed after the election, I am grateful that we have missionaries working marvelously    They are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are teaching about the miracle of the atonement.  They are teaching the commandments, self reliance, the importance of marriage, life, morality, fathers and mothers.  They are teaching about saving for a rainy day.  They are teaching about our living day prophet.  They are teaching people to obey the laws of the land.   I also pray for them and their families.
The proceeding two paragraphs correlate for me.  I believe that whatever flaws a man has, the Savior and his teachings can make up the difference.  He is the way, the light, the truth.  If we follow him, it will be down a path of everlasting happiness.
We live in a great time where we can share our thoughts feelings and beliefs through many forms of media.  My thoughts are those of love and peace.  My feelings are of hope in Jesus Christs enduring love.  My belief is that he wants me to share his message of hope and love with each of you.
I encourage you all to pray for our country.  I encourage you to seek out the same hope and love for yourselves.  If you are looking for a place to find the hope for the future that I have, I encourage you to go to   There are missionaries on the site ready to answer your questions, pray for you, and share their testimonies of Christ, his love, and his atoning sacrifice.
Or if you would prefer, you can ask me.  Just leave a comment and your email address in my box.
With love,

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