Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Dear Gabriel

Ahh, I am not sure if I should be concerned or not. So, I am blogging, because I can't find similar symptoms on the web-to get an idea of what is going on.

Here goes. My Gabe is 3 1/2 years old. I like to say that he is raw Gabe. That seems to be the best way to describe him. He seems to have no barriers. When he gets sick-while the other boys are sick-he is always the sickest. They get a sniffle, he gets a knock down drag out flew, where there is no relief or end in sight. When he is angry, he unleashes a ball of fiery that you had no idea a 3 year old could conjure. He has been kicked out of nursery for throwing a dresser at a teacher-Later she did come to me apologetically to tell me she antagonized him. Still it just seems he has no protective wall. So, that has been a worry to me. But, then recently I have noticed a few new symptoms. He grinds his teeth during the day- I am not sure if he does it at night. He also breaths very shallowly when he sleeps, and holds his breath with a quick intake and a forceful release all through the day, no matter the activity. That is how I breath when I am in pain, ie. popped out rib, labor, or Gall bladder attack.
He takes about a 2 hour quiet time during the day- but never sleeps. He goes to sleep about two hours after he is in bed. And he hates to have his light off.
Do you all think these are related. Do you think it could be sleep apnea, respitory, behavioral, or I should just not worry?
Everyone who reads this, please leave a comment- I am up for any suggestions!


Alex and Marie said...

Boy, I have no idea. I would ask my pediatrician what they think, but other than that, I am no help. Sorry! And good luck!

rneweyfamily said...

How well does he eat? I had a friend who's son had the tonsils of an adult and he had a hard time eating and breathing. Definately ask a pediatrician.

jenny~ said...

to get him to relax at bedtime, try giving him a bath with lavender, it helps relax the body and calms the mind. as for the breathing id talk to a doctor, maybe see if you can find an herbal doctor or talk to an herbal store and see if they recommend anything, with the lavander you can make a spritz 15 drops of lavender essential oil ( runs about $6-7 depending on the health store) to 4 oz of water, you can spray it on his pillow case and it should help him relax and go to sleep easier. as long as he doesnt have asthma it will be helpful for him, and you can find lavender bath soaps for kids suave makes one for bedtime or johnson and johnson has a good one too that should help.

Trisha said...

My first thought is that you have a high energy kid on your hands! Most likely it's his personality to do everything with great intensity, however, pray about it and follow your instincts. I think to a certain extent it's normal for moms to be a little paranoid and automatically picture the worst case scenario for any given situation. I think it's a defense mechanism to help us keep our kids alive! But ask yourself, do you really feel like something may be wrong, or are you afraid something MIGHT be and you'll be a bad mom if you let him go years and years without being diagnosed? What I mean is, it's often very helpful to sort out your feelings, then follow your gut and lose the guilt and unproductive worry.