Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Heavenly Father

I heard the sweetest little prayer this morning. My Dear Gabriel Was looking slightly heavenward with his eyes open and a dead little fire bug in his hands. Hyrum was kneeling next to him, saying "He was our friend" over and over again.
This is the prayer Gabriel fervently prayed
Dear Heavenly Father,
I killed this little fire bug. I am so sorry. Could you take care of him and make him alive again. We love him. Could you take care of him better than I did. I am so sorry
Hyrum said "He is our friend" and that was it. They were off playing a different game.

Oh the tender heart of a child!


SarahLynn said...

That is the sweetest thing I have ever hear. That is when you know that you are a Good Mom. It makes me miss my sweet boys so much.

rneweyfamily said...

that is so sweet.

Shelley Brown said...

soooooooo sweet!!