Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our weekend at the Headwaters

Part 1 :This weekend we were so excited to go to Lake Itaska State Park.  We went to see the Headwaters of the Mississippi.  My #2 is the analogy man.  When we saw this little stream that we could wade in, and it was the "start of the Mississippi river", he decided that a river starts out like a baby.  Later it grows and learns along the way, until finally the river becomes a Grandpa; wise, strong, and big.

  head waters of the mississippi

Mississippi river in St. Paul
Mississippi river at the end in Louisianna

Part 2 :  was the amazing and wonderful family friendly Lake Itaska Family Music Festival.  It was a fun filled weekend of bluegrass, barber shop and classical music, and $10 tent camping!

Hundreds of families with roots based in Christianity came together to enjoy good wholesome music.  The musicians were mostly families.  
This family has 13 children.  The Wissmans http://www.wissmanns.blogspot.com/  I actually took these pictures from their site.  Hubbin and I really enjoyed the love of family and children that this festival offered.  There were several "big" families- I don't think I met a family with less than 4 children.  We, with 5 children were relatively small.  There were so many things for the children to do.    Most of the families I met, home-schooled their children.  At one point I went to find #1, and he was deep in conversation with an older boy.  I asked them what they had been talking about, and he said, "He was telling me how to get viruses off of a computer."
There was a Childrens story book theater.
Put on by the Wissmans
There was a miniature train
There was a play ground, it was right next to the main stage, which let the boys play and run off energy, while Hubbin and I, and whoever happened to be napping next to us at the time, could relax and enjoy the music.  
Another family that we really loved was the Bontrager Family
http://bontragersingers.blogspot.com/  They have 10 children, though their doctor told them they may not be able to have any.  
I hope to talk more later about this weekend.  I feel so blessed by my family, my faith, and the sacrifice of so many to share in a spirit of love and thanksgiving in Northern Minnesota.  

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