Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Talent Show

Today we were flying from Hawaii to Minnesota.  It was a really long flight.  We were all exhausted, having left our hotel at 6 pm and arriving home at 7 am Hawaii time 12 Minnesota time.  I fell asleep while reading to my 4th, during the second leg of the trip.  When I woke up, it was to the sound of my oldest #1 reading to #4.  I driffted off to sleep again.  My oldest has a real talent for helping with my youngest two.  I am so grateful for his help.  I am often inspired by his patience with them, as he teaches them.  I cherish his example.  I am excited to see what kind of father he will be.  I know he has been blessed in his life, to have younger siblings.
#1 reading to #4
Being in Hawaii really helped me see what a good swimmer #2 is.  He is such a fish.  Every morning at 6, he would wake up, get his suit on and hurry me out the door.  We went straight to the ocean.  Our favorite place to be.  I would swim with him on my back, out to the edge of the cove, and let him swim in on his own.  He puts most of his body in the water.  He just keeps his eyes nose and mouth out.  He is so happy and natural in the water, and especially the ocean.  I loved how quiet and calm he became with the slow rhythmic waves.  I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up on a coast some day.   He can also crack a coconut with his bare hands and climb a tree like a Samoan.  Both good talents, if he was looking for a career at the Polynesian Cultural Center!
Here is #2 at 5 am

#3 showing off his tree climbing skills
#3 is a camera man.  He takes the video camera whenever he can.  He takes videos of our family, others families, people on airplanes, in restaurants, and lately he has been exploring the inside of things with the camera-(toilet paper rolls, mouths, milk jugs.  With all of this trial and error, no doubt he is developing a real talent for cinematography.  We saw a great how to make your film look natural, from the cinematographer(Devin Graham) of our favorite Hip-Hop Vilonist, Lindsey Stirling.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8Y8kWf4dmQ&feature=player_embedded  here is the link.  #3 watched it several times.  On Saturday he went up to a lady in Hawaii who looked Asian.  He had the camera and said konnichiwa - I didn't even know that he knew that word!  She of course answered back.  With a strew of words, that he caught on Camera.  Thank you Devin Graham, and thank you to whomever taught my son that useful and relevant "good afternoon".

This is a video from #3

Here is one of #3's pictures

#4 is diligently working on his fine motor-skills of coloring.  He uses a pen, and he makes a tiny line or squiggle and he tells me what it is.  I have never had any of my boys do this, and it makes me wonder what creations of writing, art, or tie flying will morph out of these tiny precious minute motions.
#4 , sporting some new shorts Momma made him for vacation, pockets are essential!

This isn't from vacation, but isn't it adorable?!
I have decided that #5 has a real talent to make people smile.  She looks at others, smiles her big million dollar smile and then glances away shyly or engages them with a giggle.
Look at those cute little dimples and smiling eyes
My Husband has a real talent for keeping us all together and helping us to run smoothly.  He also never seems to loose his cool in public, which I love.  He keeps his game face on and works everything out, but keeps his personal feeling for private times, so that no one would ever know there was a problem.  He is my confidant and friend, and after 6 days of busy vacation, I love him even more.  
Hubbin and #5 in paradise
Watching the boys run into the water at 6 am
My mom went with us too.  We were so lucky to have her along.  She was a much appreciated extra set of hands.  #4 begged us to fly to Grandmas house instead of ours, and #5 cried when Grandma left us to head back to Idaho.  #2 said that his favorite time with Grandma was when he snuggled with her in her bed.  The talent I want to showcase for my mom, is that she treats everyone like they are part of her family.  Whenever she speaks to anyone, the are instantly endeared to her.  When we got off the bus and the hotel member gave us our lays, they were excited that we were the family they had heard so much about from my mom.  They were so happy for her.  It is like that with everyone she meets.  They are happy to help her because they can't help but love her too.
 The only proof that I went to Hawaii with 5 kids.  This is us- the whole family.  I love that my family is getting so big.
Yes my family is full of talents, and I am proud to showcase them.

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