Monday, December 15, 2008

Patience or Patients

First of all, and probably least important, but just so you know, I hate when random strangers come up to me and touch my pregnant bulging belly. It happens every where. The grocery store- usually with 3 energetic children climbing over, in, around, out, underneath, and on top of the shopping cart. They stick out their hand while I am in mid stride to feel my burgeoning bump. Is this OK? I don't think so. Would you touch some ones belly if they weren't pregnant? No! So why, when they are already becoming claustrophobic in their own skin would you add to their discomfort by invading their personal space, which I would like to point out once again is already being surrendered, to a smaller, much less intrusive, cuter, more cuddly being than the unknown stranger in the grocery isle. For all you belly touch-ers out there- I am 35 weeks pregnant and running out of patience! Especially if you follow any belly touching with comments like these- "you look like your about to pop", or "I can't believe your having another one" (remember the 3 very lively lovely's on the cart) or if you really want to see steam say- "you must be having twins."
OK moving on before I raise my blood pressure to a normal level :)
Gabriel drank most of a bottle of Childrens cough syrup on friday. I am going to put all the details in here, so that you will know what to look for. If however you have a weak stomache, you are pregnant, or just can't read some things, skip this paragraph. Now for the story. When Gabriel walked by, he smelled like grape something. I asked him what he had and he didn't say anything. At this point I had him show me, and he ran up to his room and shut the door. He was hiding behind the door with a completely empty bottle of grape cough syrup. I watched him for a couple hours and he seemed fine. I still felt concerned so I started looking it up on the internet. This is where I normally go for medical advice. I am telling you don't go to the internet on this one. The first 3 pages of links had headlines like-"Child dies from cough syrup overdose". "Mother imprisoned for neglect in cough syrup overdose case". This is about the same point when Gabe dissapeared. I asked Seth where he was, and he said he went up to bed. Mild panic at this point. I went up to Gabriels room and my 3 year old is laying in his bed with the lights off. So I turned the light on. And I asked him what he was doing. His eyes were slightly glazed and he said he was really tired. I told him I was worried and we said a prayer. In the prayer I asked Heavenly Father to help his body get all of the yucky poison that he drank out of his system. As soon as we said Amen I start hearing mild explosions coming from his stomache. I asked Gabriel to go downstairs and play even though he was tired. Then I called Tom. Tom said he would be fine. I called Sheri- she and I have adequate experience calling poison control :) She suggested I call, as she had not encountered a closet drinking 3 year old before. So I called poison control. They did the math and figured with his size-35-40 lbs and age, even if the bottle had been full, it wouldn't have caused any lasting symptoms. About 10 minutes later Gabriel ran to the bathroom, bent over to pull down his pants, and he had an explosion. It exploded all over the walls, shower curtain and floor. However, after this trip to the bathroom I noticed his eyes were not glossy and he was more energetic. He has been a very docile child for the last couple days. I am not sure if it was the brush with death or what. When he told Tom the story after Tom got home from work, Gabriel said, "I drank all of the cough syrup and then I died. Then I shot poop out my bumm, then I felt better and I am alive again."

Oh the joys :)


Brandon & Natalie said...

Oh man, motherhood does hold plenty of fun for us doesn't it!!! I love your reading through your thoughts. I'm not okay with belly grabbers either, the worst is when it's a man though - uggg, don't touch me, yes there is a baby in there but it's still my belly!!!

Good luck with #4!!!!

Catherine Cazier said...

Well I must admitt maybe I just have this look like don't touch me but I think in all three of my pregancys I had one person besides my husband and kid touch my belly. I will say my kids did touch my belly often but even James was not that intrested in touch it. This has always made me feel like maybe something is wrong with me that no one is intrested in touch my belly like it is some sick wrong thing to be pregnant. I am sure that if it happened often it might bother me but form my exsperiences I would have loved the attention. I don't know but it is wierd when you feel like you even have to bribe your husband and children to feel the baby move. Just another perspective to think about.

Trisha said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for you in so many ways! I would have been freaking out! And to have to clean up that horrible mess when you're 35 weeks pregnant! You poor thing!

rneweyfamily said...

That is scary and funny at the same time. I hope you can smile about it now, but I know if it was me I'd be freaking for a while. I'm glad everything is okay.

Denice Harrison Armstrong said...

I completly agree with you on touching the pregnant belly!!! While pregnant with the girls I had tons of people walk up to me and touch and I would shoot dirty looks at them but they didn't seem to notice or care!! I also hate when they tell you you are looking like you are going to pop or ask if you have your due date right!!! SHUT UP AND GO AWAY I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU SO WHY DO YOU CARE!!!
The only bellys I touch are my sisters or really good friends and that is when they want me to feel the baby!!! Congrats by the way didn't even know you were having another one!!!
Glad that your boy is feeling better that had to be very scary!!!

Alex + Tiffany said...

"and then I shot poop out of my bumm"...the perfect statement to blackmail him at graduation!! Thankfully nothing happened! :)
I remember touching your belly at a school play when you were pregnant for the first time and I thought you were going to rip my arm from my body! Just remember...people are curious and they don't understand unless they are in your situation...have a little patience with us bozos!!

Andrea said...

Ha! I can totally relate to that picture, because i am 37 weeks 1 day, and praying that I'll have this baby sooner rather than later...after New Year's would be perfect, but I guess you can never really know. :) I hope that you are feeling okay, and that everyone at your house is happy and healthy. Have a very Merry Christmas!

4boystokiss said...

So, I had some one ask me if I was going to have a 10 lb. baby. She also asked me if I was in Labor. Then assured me she was an RN so it would be O.K. Oh well. I am almost done. The only hard part is when I have had the baby and people ask me when I am due. Oh to have my 18 year old body back. At least Tom still loves me!